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NASSCOM Product Conclave, over the last 17 years, has become one of the largest platform that showcases Indian Products and startups that are transforming the world. NPC has become synonymous with driving change in product development space by driving policy advocacy, advocating future-defining technology & innovation, championing digital skills, fostering entrepreneurship and building a sustainable and inclusive technology ecosystem that inspires the world.

The 18th edition of NASSCOM PRODUCT CONCLAVE, themed at “World class from India” will bring thought provoking dialogues & conversations.

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NPC 2021 At A Glance
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  • Deep Dive Sessions
    • Everything As a Subscription
    • Global GTM
    • Talent: Acquisition to Retention War
    • Machines & Space: The Next Frontier
    • Neo Cash & Consumer Spend
    • Future of Digital Health Ecosystem
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Deep Dive Sessions
  • Everything As a Subscription
  • Global GTM
  • Talent: Acquisition to Retention War
  • Machines & Space: The Next Frontier
  • Neo Cash & Consumer Spend
  • Future of Digital Health Ecosystem
Everything As a Subscription

The subscription model is not only here to stay but dominate the software product industry in India, which as per recent reports can overtake the IT services industry by 2030. The possibility of becoming a trillion-dollar-valued industry by 2030 is a strong reality & will create more than 2 Million jobs over next few years. Subscription business models can be a key enabler to thrive again during and after the crisis, creating sustainability in the long run relying on more predictable, recurring revenues.

Global GTM

Even the brightest ideas fall flat if they aren't implemented properly. Did you know 90% of startups burn out within their first year? The last thing you want to do when launching a new product is to introduce it without a comprehensive (GTM) Go-to-Market strategy. Without it, it's challenging to know if you're pursuing the wrong audience or entering a market too early or too late. A Global Go-to-Market strategy can help a company understand why it's releasing a product, who it's for, and how to communicate with customers.

Talent: Acquisition to Retention War

While a company's success is largely driven by its talent, it is challenging to find and retain high performers. In addition, COVID 19 has also impacted the world of recruitment. So, how do you win the waging 'war for talent'? The answer lies in the EVP - the value you provide to employees. According to studies, Millennials and GenZers hold career & professional development in high regard. Recruiters must thus focus their efforts in giving their talent a chance to grow and believe that they have a promising future in the organization, thereby setting a cornerstone of engagement and retention.

Machines & Space: The Next Frontier

We are dwelling in the age where AI has the power to learn, reason, process amounts of data that are much beyond human capacity. The space community, too, has been at the forefront of ground-breaking innovations. India has a fair share of accomplishments in these two realms. Is it, however, sufficient? Wars may be fought again in the not-too-distant future. Hence, IoT, AI and space stand as the true force multipliers of all operations and the future of national capabilities. Is it time for India to increase its investments in Machine and Space Technology?

Neo Cash & Consumer Spend

Since its boom, the neobank industry has seen exponential growth & it is still expanding. What makes these fintech brands so desirably relevant? Neobanks transcend geographical boundaries & time constraints, they fill a gap that traditional banks do not. Focusing on customer experience & satisfaction, neobanks simplify the account creation process, make money handling faster, provide user-friendly interface & a plethora of easy-to-use services. As the world's digital landscape is shifting at a higher speed, consumers are bound to pick digital-forward services. It is estimated that the neobank market is expected to reach $578 billion by 2027.

Future of Digital Health Ecosystem

Emerging technology adoption in Healthcare Industry for products/platforms is expected to accelerate the digital health implementation in next few years. Increasing health awareness and digital connectivity is enabling multiple healthcare opportunities and paving a path to transform both urban and rural health infrastructure. Consumer centric solutions combined with Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT) would be essential for healthcare data standardization and management globally. A blend of technology and entrepreneurial spirit can help achieve quadruple aim of Healthcare i.e., Ease of Access, Quality Health Outcomes, Lower Costs, and Better Experience.

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Join us at NPC 2021 (Global Edition) to demonstrate your commitment in building innovative and scalable technology products from India - for India and the World.

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