Abda DigitalAbda Digital
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Abda Digital

Abda Digital was founded with a vision to bring innovative products into the Digital space. We are also a part of select startups to make it into T-Hub Hyderabad, which is the fastest growing accelerator in India.; ; We have been selected into the internationally acclaimed HSBC Global Accelerator program. We were chosen as one of the “Emerge 50” startups by NASSCOM 2018. Our Hola Enterprise platform was adjudged as the winner of “Jury Top 6” by NASCOM in 2018. We are also the recipient of the HYSEA award for the Enterprise Startup for the year 2019. We have 2 granted USA patents.; ; The company is backed by experienced professionals with a combined experience of over 6 decades of proven experience. We have more than 50 satisfied Enterprise customers in India and Gulf. Some of our international client list includes Peregrine Semi Conductor (US), Applied Science University (UAE and UK), Gulf University (UAE), etc.; Some of the prominent ones in India include Tata, Cipla, TVS Credit, Ujjivan, Mastek, Vodafone Idea, ICICI Bank, Dr Reddy labs, HDFC Bank, DSP Blackrock among others.

Acutro TechnologiesAcutro Technologies
Acutro Technologies website
Acutro Technologies

Acutro Technologies was formed with a strong intention to develop latest product and technology through the society and student community. Within limited time, Acutro Technologies was recognised with the development of advanced products to various technology companies and government agencies. Acutro Technologies is having a good Research and Development team for Electronics and hardware product Development. The Company focus on building products that will be useful for the society and to become the pioneers in latest technology development. With the technology enhancement and development we are focusing on spreading new technology solutions to the Student community also.; ; Awards and Recognitions; ; • Acutro Technologies got KSUM R&D Grant for the product ICORE.; • Kerala Government E-Health Hackathon Winners.; • Facility mapping for public-Developed for E-Health was selected to implement in Thrissur Medical College.; • Represented LEAP-22 in Saudi Arabia and got an Opportunity to present our patented product ICORE.; • Represented Digital India 2022 at Delhi and got opportunity to present our product ICORE to officials of Defence and Ministry.; • Department of Science & Technology Fund during COVID 19 period for pulse oximeter development.

Adeptic Creative Labs Pvt LtdAdeptic Creative Labs Pvt Ltd
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Adeptic Creative Labs Pvt Ltd

Adeptic programs are built on the foundations of community, cohorts, coaching and content. It is the virtual home of technologists, content creators, designers, learners and teachers who've banded together to make learning impactful. At Adeptic, we work together on numerous experiments to make learning work!

Aiglobalnet Aiglobalnet
Aiglobalnet website

Epitome.ai is a cloud-based platform and solutions that are built on the foundation of robust AI technologies to solve issues that have a direct impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of HR, TA, RMG, L&D and other employees' life-cycle functions. This platform is envisioned to solve key challenges faced by job seekers, talent acquisition teams, and employees.

Aikenist Technologies Aikenist Technologies
Aikenist Technologies website
Aikenist Technologies

Aikenist is started by serial deeptech entrapreneurs. Aikenist provides Innovative QuickScan technology which reduces MRI scanning time by half using AI software. Installed in 35 Diagnostic Centers and 10 Hospitals with 10000 scans per month. Improved workflow efficiency & Patient convenience in Radiology with reduction of scanning time as well as diagnosis time. We provide innovative Patient connecting platform and app to connect Patients, Diagnostic Centers, Physicians, Tertiary centers with intelligent and quick care coordination

Algobulls website

AlgoBulls provide mass-market investors access to sophisticated, institutional-like trading strategies, either by copying / social trading as a medium for strategies of professional portfolio managers or by using automated trading strategies developed by hedge fund managers.; ; AlgoBulls has built India's First Trading Marketplace offering 100% automated trade execution.; ; The AlgoBulls platform is powered by a Deep Tech stack for complete end-to-end automation for retail traders. AlgoBulls has deep integrations with multiple brokerage firms and market experts to convert their trading strategies into algorithms.; ; The founders' background consists of IIT Delhi, PGDM - NMIMS, CA-dropout and CTA with 24+ years of combined experience in technology, stock markets, payment industry, financial services and channel management. One of the founders is the author of the book "Python Algorithmic Trading Cookbook", published worldwide by Packt. Another founder is a second-time entrepreneur after successfully selling his fully-profitable startup.

Amica Financial Technologies Amica Financial Technologies
Amica Financial Technologies website
Amica Financial Technologies

Jupiter is a digital banking app with one simple aim - to deliver a banking experience that keeps pace with you. We help you cut through the banking jargon, offer smart insights based on your spending, and provide you with a range of new-age features to enable you to make sense of your finances.

Answer GenomicsAnswer Genomics
Answer Genomics website
Answer Genomics

We are a Genetic Research organization using Machine Learning to study the Genetic basis of lifestyle and clinical disorders aimed towards prediction, prognosis and cure of these disorders among the Indian population.

Appsentinels.Ai website

AppSentinels was founded in Dec'20 with a vision of helping organizations do API security at the speed of dev-ops, easing the API Security for all its customers ; ; API security is a complex state where the largest tech companies like Microsoft, Google, and AWS are constantly challenged with repeated cybersecurity breaches. AppSentinels aimed at solving it with a simple but powerful tool to stop the breaches and empower cyber security. ; ; AppSentinels has built world's most comprehensive full-life cycle API Security platform. The company won globally acclaimed ISPM Excellence Award 2022 and is also part of NASSCOM Deep Tech Club 2022.

Aptagrim Consulting Aptagrim Consulting
Aptagrim Consulting website
Aptagrim Consulting

APTAGRIM is a DeepTech company leveraging the technological advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence to solve real-world problems in the Healthcare, Energy Utility & HR industries.

Ashield TechnologiesAshield Technologies
Ashield Technologies website
Ashield Technologies

AShield's Authentication helps Kill OTPs & Passwords for Consumer Facing Mobile Applications, reducing the number of clicks for secure user verification from 16+ to just 1! This helps Mobile Apps Increase Conversions, Customer Acquisition Rates, Customer Delight and prevents frauds using MIlitary-Grade Quantum Cryptography. AShield is on a crusade to take the tech industry to lead the Tech Industry into a Post-Password and OTP era.; ; AShield leverages Telecom Partners for Real-time Identification of High Integrity Identifiers. AShield also uses Military-Grade Invisible Security in the form of Unique Quantum-immune Spatial Cryptograhy to prevent frauds from all current & imminent threats such as Bots, malwares & remote access trojans.

Asset Chain Techlligence Asset Chain Techlligence
Asset Chain Techlligence website
Asset Chain Techlligence

TruScholar is a blockchain-based credential management platform that lets universities, institutes/edtech firms, online learning platforms, event organizers and corporates to issue secured, immutable and verifiable digital certificates and digital badges. TruScholar facilitate the issuance of credentials in Digital Format along with its storage and verification process. These records are immutable and are encrypted on the platform built on Blockchain technology, and hence assured legitimacy of the record will be an inbuilt feature. It offers a digitally accessible wallet on an annual subscription basis where all the various certificates and credentials are stored and accessible to the user. ; ; Mission- Truscholar aims at modernizing the certification, issuance, authenticity and storage operations of digital credentials and identities for educational, sports, corporate institutes, event organizers, online learning platforms, webinars, seminars, academic courses, etc. Reducing the hacking and tempering of digital certificates and stopping the issuance of multiple fake digital credentials worldwide. TruScholar addresses the commonest concerns related to the designing, certification issuance, verification, and storage of digital credentials, helping both students and institutions in the process.; ; We also focus on Bridging the gap between employable skills and hiring process.

Ati MotorsAti Motors
Ati Motors website
Ati Motors

Ati Motors has assembled an interdisciplinary team of engineers across machine learning/AI, power electronics, control systems, mechanical engineering, system software and electronics and manufacturing at their headquarters in Bangalore, India, with a sales office in California.; ; The team, now 70 strong, is focused on a hands-on, practical approach to robotics, building products that have been deployed in the real world, in factories and warehouses. The company takes pride in designing robots that fit into existing infrastructures, indoors and outdoors, with robust mechanical systems, reliable electronics and advanced automation software.

Automaton Ai Infosystem Automaton Ai Infosystem
Automaton Ai Infosystem website
Automaton Ai Infosystem

Automaton is a Full-stack AI company with a vision to democratize data by Providing AI products & services to Data Scientists, that offer customers AI Platforms, AI models, AI data, Data Security, and AI ethics, Achieved through delivering robust, faster, cost-effective, innovative, products and services In an Energetic, research oriented, & knowledge-based environment. ; ; Automaton's DLOps Platform - ADVIT Studio, combines the best of deep learning and human in the loop to speed up the AI model development process.

Balanetra Technologies Balanetra Technologies
Balanetra Technologies website
Balanetra Technologies

Balanetra Technologies is a registered partnership firm. Partners have a combined experience of more than 50 years in this segment. Our business journey has covered so far 12 market segments and across states. There are more than 1500 machines are being monitored through our application. We use technologies as Cloud | IoT | Data Science for providing a comprehensive solution to our customers.

Barraiser Barraiser
Barraiser website

BarRaiser was started about 1.5 years back with an mission to solve interviews. We do it through 3 lenses - (a) Capacity, (b) Capability and (c) Deep Visibility.; ; BarRaiser has a AI enabled platform which solves the VISIBILITY side by normalization and bringing a consistency in scores. Along with that, we have a community of interviewers who actually perform the screening of the candidates in a 1-1 interview thus solving the CAPACITY and CAPABILITY problem.; ; BarRaiser spans across Singapore, India and United States with an Annualized revenue of about USD2.5M in 18 months of operation.

Beagle Cyber Innovations Beagle Cyber Innovations
Beagle Cyber Innovations website
Beagle Cyber Innovations

Beagle Security is a leading cyber security product company with a customer base ranging from rising tech startups to large enterprises across the globe. Beagle Security's mission is to empower businesses to proactively tackle cyber threats and make the internet a safer place. ; ; The company's product offering includes a web application penetration testing solution that helps companies uncover loopholes on their websites and web apps before hackers exploit them. An approach led by continuous innovation and execution drives the company's vision of building a secure future.; ; With a passionate team and the use of emerging technology, Beagle Security aims to create a suite of cyber security products that drive value for companies and help them in strengthening their systems from evolving threats in an ever-changing world.; ; Beagle Security also provides cyber security services including penetration testing and DevSecOps enablement with a strong focus on guiding companies to develop products having a solid security foundation. Clients include companies in banking and financial services, manufacturing, insurance, law enforcement, healthcare, education, retail, and technology sector.

Botminds Inc.Botminds Inc.
Botminds Inc. website
Botminds Inc.

Founded in 2015, Botminds Inc. stays ahead of the research happening at the intersection of Deep Learning & NLP - with the single-minded focus of liberating humans from reading and analysing boring documents. We have built our own semantic engine, developed on top of state-of-the-art algorithms/networks. Botminds AI, our vertically integrated, no-code platform has been recognized as the one-stop solution for document-centric processes and the most user-friendly platform by our clients. We are headquartered in Seattle, WA, USA, and have our R&D center in Chennai, India. We are 50+ strong team and growing.

Catalyca Catalyca
Catalyca website

Catalyca offers a digital business travel platform, TCat, that integrates travel products procured from multiple travel vendors and aggregators using a first of its kind marketplace for business travel in India. We endeavour to deliver tangible cost savings to enterprises, enhance their operational efficiency and improve traveller satisfaction. ; ; The Catalyca founding team possesses close to 100 years of industry experience, with over 75 years in the travel domain, and brings together depth and balanced diversity. This team comes with a strong execution track record and a global experience, particularly in B2B business models.

Chipspirit Technologies Chipspirit Technologies
Chipspirit Technologies website
Chipspirit Technologies

Chipspirit Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a semiconductor startup by professionals with decades of experience in multinationals like Intel, LSI, Atmel, NXP, etc. Chipspirit has been selected by Indian Defence Forces for the Encryption algorithm enhancements and prototype Co-Development for various Defence applications. Chipspirit is the winner of iDEX DISC1 challenge on Secure Hardware Encryption Device. Chipspirit's unique proposition is that their technology solutions are majority based only on hardware with Zero to minimum software intervention. It is working on siliconization of software-based algorithms which are faster and more secure with ZERO backdoors, trojans and customized to the user safety with cost optimized solutions.

Clairco website

Clairco is an award-winning indoor air quality management company which has developed patented technologies to convert existing air ventilation units into air purification systems to become the world's first company that can guarantee clean air. With this innovation, Clairco has been able to make the adoption of air purification much more affordable, measurable and scalable. The company has global real-estate companies & corporates as clients like Brigade Group, Capitaland, Brookfield, EMAAR, WeWork, Max Estates, Cognizant, Qualcomm etc and is managing air quality in more than 5 Million sq ft across major Indian cities. ; ; Clairco's Solutions:; 1. Air quality monitoring- We install air quality monitors at specific locations on the floors which measure parameters like PM2.5, PM10, CO2 and VOCs in real time.; 2. Air Purification- We retrofit AHUs and CSUs with Clairco's proprietary low pressure drop MERV 13 filters and to ensure 85-90% better indoor AQI with respect to outdoor AQI. ; 3. Predictive models for optimal air quality at all times- To ensure clean air at all times, we install Differential Pressure Transmitters on the filters and combine the static pressure data with the air quality data to predict the filter life and ensure optimal CO2 levels ; 4. Display of air quality data- We can display the real time air quality data across the office premises as per requirement, on any connected screen provided by the client. ; 5. Nano-Tech based Pathogen mitigation- We install Clairco's proprietary Nanoclair technology for the inactivation of airborne pathogens including Sars-Cov-2.; ; Key Objectives:; ; - Clairco aims to solve the menace of indoor air pollution in an affordable & scalable manner which is a serious public health issue and claims more than 7 million lives globally every year.; - Clairco believes in data science and aims to make air quality management in buildings more and more data-driven and predictable by leveraging IoT, AI & ML technologies. ; - Clairco aims to become a trusted brand for any business looking for an affordable, sustainable and predictable air quality management solution. ; ; Differentiators:; ; - We are a Zero CapEx clean air as a service solution and are 20-30% more affordable than other solutions over a 7 year period. ; - We have patented technology which enables us to guarantee clean air. We sign an SLA with our clients with penalties on the monthly fee in the event of SLA breach. ; - We can convert existing air ventilation units into air purification systems with the help of our high efficiency low drag filters without the need to replace fans/motors/pulleys of the AHUs.

Clinion website

Clinion is a global clinical technology company that offers AI-enabled eClinical solutions. ClinionAI consists of EDC, RTSM, CTMS, eCOA and Document Automation that cover the entire clinical trial lifecycle. Clinion is committed to innovating the future of clinical trials through ClinionAI and empowering its partners to manage trials more efficiently at lesser costs.

Cloodot website

Cloodot is a SaaS company working on solutions to enhance customer experience management workflow of businesses. Founded in 2019 by Adhil Munna, Fahmi Backer, Haris Sulaiman and Sakeer, Cloodot is officially backed by Kerala Startup Mission and is mentored by Stanford Seedspark.

Coexin Technologies HealthcareCoexin Technologies Healthcare
Coexin Technologies Healthcare website
Coexin Technologies Healthcare

Coexin Technologies Healthcare Pvt Ltd. is a dynamic speciality Health Care company engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, marketing, and supply of Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Psychological, Psychiatric and Mental health disorder deficit related products. We are committed to developing and offering products such as Testing Apparatus and Exercise Tools that meaningfully benefits Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Medical Clinics, Doctors, Patients, Parents and Children with a commitment to advancing brain exercise and core cognitive performance through cutting-edge technological product delivery.

Cognicue Analytics Cognicue Analytics
Cognicue Analytics website
Cognicue Analytics

CogniCue translates your nonverbal signals into meaningful data. We are committed to delivering the best insights by capturing signals such as facial expressions, facial movements, emotions, and the words used by an individual. Our goal is to capture and then convert true feelings and emotions into data that will improve mutual trustworthiness. Because a machine cannot have personal bias, our vision is to create an ecosystem in which no one is biassed against others based on his or her own prior experience.

Cometchat website

CometChat enables businesses to add text, voice and video chat functionality in their websites and apps within minutes. With headquarters in Denver, Colorado, USA we have a global team united by a shared mission to fuel our customer's growth through meaningful person-to-person connections. Some of our key clients include, MPL, NoBroker, Times Internet, Udaan, Nagarro, Kokilaben Hospital, etc.; ; CometChat was selected to the prestigious NASSCOM League of 10 in 2022.; ; Key Highlights of our company are:; 1. Proud member of TechStars, Boulder, USA; 2. Winner of 'Nasscom Emerge 50, 2021 - League of 10' Award; 3. Inc. Magazine calls us the 'Skype of the Future'; 4. Backed by VCs - Signal Peak Ventures, Matchstick Ventures, Silicon Badia, Eon Capital; 5. Earned 5 Badges in the G2 Summer 2022 report -'High Performer', 'Easiest Admin', 'Best ROI', 'Best Meets Requirement' & 'Easiest to Do Business With' in the Cloud Communication Platforms category!

Corover Corover
Corover website

About CoRover; CoRover® is the world's first and the highest ROI delivering human-centric conversational AI platform; which is secure, scalable and reliable; equipped with patent-pending tech (based on AI, ML, NLP, AR & VR); and powers Multi-Format (VideoBot, VoiceBot, ChatBot), Multi-Lingual (100+ Languages) and Omni-Channel Virtual Assistants being used by 750 Million+ Users. ; ; CoRover is on the mission to enable users talk to any system the way they talk to an intelligent person.; ; CoRover has received commendations from Microsoft Chairman & CEO, Satya Nadella; Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi and other global leaders. Working with many fortune 100 companies! ; ; First and only Conversational AI company which is CMMI Maturity Level 5! ; ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified as well. Got many national & international awards. ; ; Traction: 750 Million+ Users, 25M+ MAU, 800K Concurrent users ; Clients: IRCTC, Indian Railways, IRCTC Tourism, NPCI, RuPay, 70+ Banks, ATC/ITC Ltd, Mahindra Group, Carandbike, IGL, KSRTC, SRS, Aquetas (US), Gamerji, Aura Health Solution (US), Malahide Shopping (UAE), Digital India, NSDC, Unilever, GRSE (Indian Navy - Defence), Finastra (UK), Innovation Hills (Japan), Comviva, BEL, Chandigarh Smart City, Invest India, Startup India AI (The National AI Portal of India - a MEITY, NEGD & NASSCOM Initiative), Hero MotoCorp, and more; CoSell/ReSell Partners: Microsoft, Accenture, KPMG, Google, UI Path, Automation Anywhere, IRCTC, Finastra, Mahindra, and more; ; We Help Enterprises:; 1. Improve the top line via lead-generation and engagement (Up-Sell & Cross-Sell); 2. Improve the bottom line via round-the-clock AI Virtual Assistant which automates 70% of the customer support ; 3. Improve customer experience via personalisation and human-centered Conversational AI capabilities (Multi-Format, Multi-Lingual & Omni-Channel); ; Our USP:; 1. Technology & Data: 10x quicker (TAT) to deploy with 90%+ Accuracy because of proprietary/patent-pending tech platform, and pre-trained ML data models with Real-Time Analytics, used by 750 Million+ users. Any AI platform is as good as the data it has!; 2. Multi-Lingual and Omni-Channel: 12 Indian/Vernacular and 100+ Foreign/International Languages across Web, App, WhatsApp, Phone/IVR, AI Kiosk, SMS, Signal, MS Teams +12 more channels to reach customers where they are; 3. Versatility in Functionality: Human-Centric and metaverse enabled Digital Twin (VideoBots® - Video Commerce), VoiceBots (Voice Commerce), ChatBots (Text, Touch, Click) making user interact with the system the way s/he talks to other person.; ; CoRover Deck: https://CoRover.ai/deck; Demo Videos: https://CoRover.ai/videos

Cyberstanc website

Cyberstanc is a technology-driven company, We offer a product suite specialized in; multi-stage malware detection utilizing a self-learning engine (no signature dependency), and on the offensive side, we simulate techniques used by different APT groups to check corporate readiness against new ransomware strains. ; ; We have introduced Crypto Caging technology as a new multi-stage approach that specializes in detecting malware utilizing self-learning-based behavioral heuristics which is different from traditional solutions such as signature-based detection or periodic backups.; ; We are backed by Mach37, Virginia (https://www.mach37.com/f20), a USA cybersecurity accelerator, While malware engine integration with Polyswarm & OPSWAT. Our technology is accredited by AMTSO(Anti-malware testing standard organization), the Microsoft virus initiative program, and 25+ threat alliance collaborations with OEMs Partners. We have participated in the MRG Effitas 360 ransomware test and have been nominated by the Data security Council of India for "The Most Innovative Product of the year 2021".

Daveai website

DaveAI is an AI-powered sales augmentation platform that bridges the gap between self-assisted online discovery & salesperson-assisted offline discovery.; ; We help brands drive sales with advanced product discovery experiences using an interactive Virtual Sales Avatar that mimics a human sales brain, understands customer requirements & provides hyper-personalized product recommendations

DeepSight AI labs DeepSight AI labs
DeepSight AI labs website
DeepSight AI labs

DeepSight's AI platform is Scalable & Stable that can be deployed on Edge, Server, Cloud and 5G ready retrofit CCTV/Drone/Machine Vision real-time Computer Vision platform to deploy new object detection/action/incidents/QA etc recognition in faster ways with High accuracy. ; ; Have offices in Delhi, Mumbai , Bangalore . Have 45+ local and global partners deployment partners in India, UK, US, South Africa etc.; ; Current Revenues models are - Subscription Model, SaaS and PaaS.; ; We are now very strongly positioned to move into Telecom mainly due to the launch of 5G where Telecom players can use our AI Platform for wider AI offering to their massive customer base in 30 use cases which is already available on the platform.; ; Further, with the NoCodeAI model we are looking to target IT service & Enterprise sector where they need off the shelf platform and use case to address their large customer needs.

Fourtek IT Solutions (Devnagri)Devnagri
Fourtek IT Solutions (Devnagri) website

India's first AI-powered Human translation platform exclusively focused on Indian languages

Digitwin TechnologyDigitwin Technology
Digitwin Technology website
Digitwin Technology

DigiTwin is a DeepTech company offering Industry 4.0 solutions involving digital manufacturing capabilities for Manufacturing and Process industries. ; ; Our clients (including pilot sites) are spread across Cement, Water Treatment, Speciality Chemicals & Dairy Processing, Wind Energy Operators.; ; We are also actively building new use cases in the Utility (Power) Sector, FMCG Manufacturing, Pharma & Life Sciences.

Dimension NXG Dimension NXG
Dimension NXG website
Dimension NXG

AjnaLens is "Augmenting Human Intelligence" by changing how people interact with the digital world by creating a new dimension of computing where the digital & real world seamlessly integrate. Understanding and acknowledging the potential of extended reality and similar technologies, AjnaLens set out to bring a fundamental change in society.; ; We are India's leading AR/VR hardware manufacturing company, providing world-class end-to-end XR solutions to Defence and Enterprises. Inspired by the Make in India initiative, we design, develop and manufacture products in India. We have launched a VR training simulator, namely, AjnaXR Station. AjnaXR Station builds on the need for improving skill training and facilitates better learning of the trade. It is proven to reduce training costs and time while improving learning outcomes.We have upgraded 150 ITIs in Karnataka installing AjnaXR Station (Welding & Spray Painting Module).; ; Creating an impact at the grassroots level, we intend to revolutionize the educational industry, deploying AR and VR solutions to train and upskill youth. Besides, AjnaLens is also working to launch India's 1st Metaverse platform for upskilling, an ecosystem meant to train and skill youth making them industry-ready.

Docketrun Tech Docketrun Tech
Docketrun Tech website
Docketrun Tech

DocketRun AI Powered video analytics for Retail, Manufacturing entities.

Doppelio website

IoT systems are powered by applications running on the cloud and edge devices. These applications need to function and perform as expected under all scenarios of data, network conditions and load. Testing needs to cover all these scenarios with speed and efficiency. However there were no good solutions in the market to address this problem which means businesses are exposed to risks, are taking too long to get their products to market and cost of quality is high. We founded Doppelio to solve this problem. ; ; Doppelio is an IoT Test Automation Platform for testing IoT apps without dependence on physical devices. It is being used for Connected Vehicles, Connected Logistics, Connected Buildings and Smart Manufacturing use cases with leading global enterprises

E42 (Light Information Systems E42 (Light Information Systems
E42 (Light Information Systems website
E42 (Light Information Systems

E42 is a no-code cognitive process automation (CPA) platform for creating AI co-workers that automate various processes across enterprise verticals and functions at scale. These AI workers include AI analysts, recruiters, HR executives, business development executives, and more. A result of 200-man years of RnD, the platform combines deep tech in AI NLP with powerful UI and empowers subject matter experts to easily create AI co-workers in their area of expertise. Recognized internationally for its efforts in the field, E42 proves that the assumption that cognition rests only within humans and only robotic processes can be automated is no longer true.

Edusap Edusap
Edusap website

Edusap is a product based company incubated under Kerala Startup Mission based in Kerala and Mobile 10x Banglore, Established in the year of 2020, Edusap aims at shifting the role of the teacher from being a “sage on the stage” to a “guide on the side”.

Ellow Talent Marketplaces Ellow Talent Marketplaces
Ellow Talent Marketplaces website
Ellow Talent Marketplaces

Ellow is a leading intelligent global talent cloud for tech. Powered by AI, Ellow matches a virtual pool of highly curated and deep-vetted developers to enterprises and product engineering firms. Ellow enables companies to augment/expand their tech teams within 24-48 hours with minimal manual effort for identification and vetting of resources.; ; Ellow is founded by a team of entrepreneurs including IIT/IIM alumni who have experience building digital engineering firms at scale.

Embright Infotech Embright Infotech
Embright Infotech website
Embright Infotech

Embright Infotech Private Limited is a technology driven company formed in the year 2017 with products and services related to Virtual reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence and IoT. The company products and services enable users the real understanding of information and data, with 3D interactivity giving every product a new dimension. Currently incubated in Kerala Startup Mission, IIMK LIVE Kozhikode and also by NASSCOM, Bangalore for our flagship product.

Empfly Services Empfly Services
Empfly Services website
Empfly Services

Empfly is a new-age Plug-n-play SaaS platform that provides end-to-end sales, customer management, and Attendance automation solutions. It specializes in solving sales challenges for high lead-volume, high-velocity businesses that have multiple sales channels and teams and smartly integrate with expense system.

Eugenie Technologies Eugenie Technologies
Eugenie Technologies website
Eugenie Technologies

Eugenie is a Mumbai-based cloud-based SaaS product company. Our product suite empowers asset owners and operators in the sectors of mining, metals, oil & gas and manufacturing to achieve their process KPIs while controlling & reducing GHG emissions. We're a member of NASSCOM COE, NASSCOM Deep-Tech Club, FICCI and CII, and we're also the winners of NASSCOM Emerge 50 and Vedanta Spark. With Eugenie, our clients benefit from a 15-20% saving in asset maintenance costs, a ~90% improvement in data-to-decision times, and 7-10% reductions in overall plant-level GHG emissions.

Evergent India Evergent India
Evergent India website
Evergent India

Evergent vision is to offer a stellar experience for every subscriber in any subscription business. We have 700 M subscribers on our platform across 150+ countries. ; ; We offer - Quick to launch. Easy to manage. A subscription platform designed to take you wherever you want to grow.; ; Evergent is built to scale so you always have the tools you need to deploy new features and implement business models on the fly. We are industry-agnostic and use case fanatics. ; ; Evergent enables your products to evolve continuously. Fast-track your product catalog, handle churn management, support customer needs, accomplish agile monetization, and more with customizable platforms and modules.

E-Waste Social E-Waste Social
E-Waste Social website
E-Waste Social

E-waste Social Online auction platform/ exchange platform enables Corporates, Companies Institutions, or anyone who has an inventory of waste to sell, and for recyclers/refurbishers/ upcycler of waste to buy. Directing the waste towards the organized sector, Increasing the recycling rate of the waste, and reducing the carbon footprint through proper waste handling. ; E-Waste Social's SAAS-based offering will help companies with decision-making on retaining, refurbishing, and recycling strategies for waste by providing actionable insights. ; E-Waste Social's partnership with United Nations Global Compact reinforces its mission to achieve a clean environment. They are also associated with ADDA - The Apartment Super App, MSME, and FICCI to promote sustainability and create a holistic solution. The company is backed by a strong team of mentors, industry heads, and environmental scientists.; With sustainability more important than ever and the world facing urgent global climatic challenges, E-Waste Social is striving to reimagine e-waste by leveraging technology and innovation to enable systematic end-to-end e-waste management.; ; Our Solutions; -Green Marketplace to Sell and Buy Waste; -Compliance, EPR, and certification; -Collaboration with R&D lab of Technology institution to share best practices to recyclers registered on our platform; -A centralized page for SAR (Sustainability Action Report) of the impact of recycling/refurbishing by the corporate.; -Direct or indirect achieving CSR goals by ensuring that waste is not dismantled by underage children or ends up in landfills

Expertia AiExpertia Ai
Expertia Ai website
Expertia Ai

Akshay Gugnani, CTO is an AI researcher having worked on the skill and job advisory at MIT and IBM Research. He has 5 patents and 7 peer reviewed research papers, some highly relevant to Expertia AI.; ; Kanishk Shukla, CEO is a successful entrepreneur having listed his ecom venture; Koovs.com on AIM, LSE in 2014. Post Koovs, he was a partner at an Executive Search firm bringing him face to face with issues affecting the talent discovery industry. His Growth Hacking, Team Building, Client Servicing, Marketing skills are highly complementary to Akshay's Tech and Product skills, making them a great team.; ; About Us - https://www.expertia.ai/about

FlexibleIR website

FlexibleIR is a company that started in 2018 to help companies be prepared for cyber attacks. Used by cyber analysts and incident handlers from over 60+ countries. Experience our playbooks live at https://playbooks.flexibleir.com . The company is founded by Venkat Ramshet (Who worked at Sun Microsystems, Intel, Novell, HP, Yahoo, Tesco, Savaari, and Swiggy).

Floatbot, IncFloatbot, Inc
Floatbot, Inc website
Floatbot, Inc

Floatbot is a world-leading Voice AI (Conversational AI) platform, which offers end-to-end conversational automation solutions - including Voicebot, omnichannel Chatbot, AI Agent Assist, Cognitive QnA, ASR as a Service, and Voice Biometrics. We help contact centers, banks, insurers, and FIs increase digital sales, increase CSAT scores, reduce support costs, and boost agent productivity. ; ; Our Voicebots and Chatbots supports all prominent Indian regional languages - including Gujrati, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, and Bengali. ; ; Floatbot was incorporated in 2017 with a mission to automate repetitive queries of customers - so human agents can focus on crucial tasks. ; ; We evolved with time and started solving specific business problems in various sector in India, APAC, and the USA.

Foresiet website

Foresiet is one of the leading cyber security organizations providing end-to-end cyber security solutions with FLAGSHIP products to secure individuals, businesses and the federal government. Foresiet runs next generation AI powered First integrated digital risk protection platform with self immunity. The SaaS solution secures Digital Landscape using its award-winning platform that integrates Identity, Data and Asset with Threat Advisory engine. Foresiet provides an integrated platform with plug and play option to predict the cyber-attack with Comprehensive, Contextualized, and Actionable intelligence.

FourCore website

FourCore, founded in 2021 and headquartered in New Delhi, India, is a cybersecurity startup backed by the Data Security Council of India.; ; We aim to simplify security for organizations and enable them to focus on securing the organization as a whole. ; ; We are at the forefront of security, focused on building top-of-the-line security products streamlining with our mission and vision out of India. We are a small, well-knit technical founder team building the tech and running the business. ; ; We have worked with leading organizations such as NCIIPC, Bharat Electronics, Indian Air Force, NTRO, and more. We have won accolades from organizations such as DSCI, DRDO, Societe Generale, NYU, and PM of India, and we represented India in Russia and Qatar.

Forttwo LabsForttwo Labs
Forttwo Labs website
Forttwo Labs

Fortytwo Labs is a pioneer in the field of Cryptographic Identity and have developed a quantum safe cryptographic platform called 𝛑-Control. The genesis of the platform is in a defense establishment where the problem was about building an indigenous cryptographic platform such that the target application can secure itself against a variety of attack vectors. We are proud to state that it has passed several stringent tests at various defense establishments. Today the platform is not only being used by defense establishments but also being used by financial establishments and enterprises for a variety of use cases. ; So far the platform has helped multitude of enterprises with zero trust access, quantum safe authentication, multifactor authentication, password less authentication, transaction security, provable consent, central identity and authentication, and data exchange security. Our vision is to build a platform which will be used by developers for creating and delivering zero trust enabled, secure and privacy-by-design digital services.

Gamut Analytics Gamut Analytics
Gamut Analytics website
Gamut Analytics

Saarthi.ai is like a close-knit family as well as a passionate squad.; The company goes about its mission while ensuring the future it is building is sustainable. The company is focused on being the world's leading Contact Center AI company while keeping privacy, environment and advancement of humanity as its core values.; ; Saarthi.ai is a Purpose First and People-Centric company.; No matter what stage the company is in, that fire will always keep burning. To live up to that promise, Team Members in Saarthi abide by 7 Core Values.; ; These values help the team members improve with every passing day.; ; o Advance Humanity; o Be Inclusive; o Deliver Value; o Work Better; o Environment Matters; o Respect Privacy; o Embrace Adventure; ; Now coming over to the business aspect-; Debt Collection is a risky business which is opaque, inconsistent, slow and expensive. ; Collection calling is done through call centres which have numerous inefficiencies from data inconsistency to the inability to scale volumes to workforce management. ; With the help of MAIA(AI agent) and Pravid(Saas Platform), Saarthi.ai has efficiently been able to transform the Collections Industry by cutting costs and improving revenues for the last half a decade.; ; Saarthi.ai is a Conversational AI organisation working in the B2B vertical and has optimized the Collection process for 30+ leading FinTechs and NBFCs with AI and Analytics.; The company solved such issues and ensured 95% + payment rates with over hundreds of campaigns.; ; Highlights-; -Accelerated 30+ reputed lending businesses in theircollections.; -Collected approx. $100 Mn worth of loans across 200 sub-campaigns.; -MAIA managed to collect more than 95% of the amount allocated at 25% faster rates.; -7x growth in annual realised revenue in FY'22 v/s FY'21.; -Raised $1.7 Mn in Funding.; -Won FuTech Awards by Financial Express organised for Startups pioneering the BFSI sector with future technology like AI-ML.

Gnani.Ai website

Gnani.ai, a SAMSUNG ventures funded deep-tech company, is a leader in the voice-led conversational AI automation space. Gnani.ai offers no-code multi-modal and multi-channel bot platforms for voice and text automation across channels. Gnani.ai's product platforms include assist365™ (multi-channel conversational AI automation), aura365™ (Omnichannel Analytics), and armour365™ (Voice Biometrics). ; ; With partners like Microsoft, Avaya, Nvidia, and Intel, Gnani.ai is leading the Conversational AI revolution.

GrowthPal Technologies GrowthPal Technologies
GrowthPal Technologies website
GrowthPal Technologies

GrowthPal offers data-driven, relevant actionable recommendations for new age companies' acquisitions, acqui-hires & strategic investments to corporates and late stage startups. We specialize in small size strategic M&A acquisitions including bolt-ons, tuck-ins, serial strategy and roll-ups.; ; Our intelligence platform enables us to provide a healthy and qualified pipeline of small deals to our clients, thus enabling them in their programmatic M&A journey across use-cases, sectors and geographies. Our platform provides coverage of 2 Mn+ startups to deliver personalized 'target' recommendations within 2 weeks with 90% accuracy.

HACK-X SecurityHACK-X Security
HACK-X Security website
HACK-X Security

HACK-X Security is a company building Cyber Security Products and helping businesses to protect their digital assets. ; Our motto of " Protecting the Cyberspace "

Haltdos website

Halt Dos.com (Haltdos) is a Cyber Security company providing comprehensive protection to Web Applications & APIs with its Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection and Web Application Firewall solutions. The company's products are an artificial intelligence-based IT security solution that can automatically detect and accurately mitigate widest range of cyber-attacks in real time. With multiple patents backing its technology, the company is already securing customers across the globe - both on premise and over the cloud. Haltdos has also been recognized with several awards and recognitions (Cisco Launchpad, NASSCOM DeepTech, etc), which bear testimony to its commitment towards the leading-edge IT security innovations. Some of the customers include IDFC First Bank, Multi-Commodity Exchange (MCX), India Energy Exchange (IEX), Indigo Airlines, Hughes, TCS, CtrlS, Ugro Capital, Avanse Financial Services, CISF, CDAC, Ministry of Finance, Indian Army, Ministry of Defence, etc.

Hayagriva Software Hayagriva Software
Hayagriva Software website
Hayagriva Software

Hayagriva Software (P) Ltd, is a family-owned software product development company based in Mumbai. ; ; Our product 'COM-SUR' will help all countries globally to enhance their homeland/internal security through community policing and crowd-sourced surveillance. COM-SUR aids this by assisting every user of CCTV cameras to audit his/her own video footage daily as a standard operating procedure, as opposed to reviewing the footage after something goes wrong. Doing so will act as a 'vaccine', i.e., as a preventive mechanism. ; ; For the home user, COM-SUR is available as a free download (“har ghar COM-SUR”). This not only acts as a hook but encourages adoption for commercial purposes. Also, once people start auditing their own surveillance footage, governments will be able to cover far greater areas and save billions that can be put to other use. ; ; COM-SUR fulfills the Hon'ble Prime Minister's vision in the following areas: (1) Atmanirbhar Bharat, more so in the area of safety and security (2) Citizen's duty (part of the Panchpran announced on 15th August 2022) (3) Job and business opportunity creation.; ; CCTV Video Footage Auditor: The importance of auditing CCTV footage daily as an SOP is clear from the fact that the Skill Development Ministry of India has accepted the need for this new vocational skill, which may well be introduced as part of the new NEP. This skill could be very useful for people retiring from the forces, the private sector, NCC cadets, and Agniveers. ; ; The details of the National Occupational Standards/Qualifications Pack are available on the National Qualifications Register. https://www.nqr.gov.in/qualification-title?field_qualification_title__value=cctv&field_anticipated_volume_of_trai_value=all§or=all&level=all&job_des=all&nid=7133

HaystackAnalytics Haystack Analytics
HaystackAnalytics website
Haystack Analytics

Haystack Analytics is an IIT Mumbai incubated startup, funded & supported by grants from the Department of Science & Technology (NIDHI PRAYAS, BIRAC, CAWACH) and the Department of Biotechnology (BIG Grant), Government of India & SINE. It is a technology platform for hospitals and diagnostics labs to provide genomic diagnostics. ; ; HaystackAnalytics has managed to whittle down the time for bioinformatic analysis to 15 min from the current 2 weeks and using this capability & our domain expertise in infectious disease created a world pioneer product to replace all current Infectious Diagnostic Solutions like PCR & Culture with Genomics based diagnostics. HaystackAnalytics has been cited by Intel on their global website for its development of Genomics Automation and is now among the global pioneers with patents in Universal Infectious Detection technology.

Hyperthings website

'HyperThings' which specializes in “Internet of Things - IoT ” for different industry verticals. We are an innovative provider of IoT based products and Solutions with high caliber system integration capabilities. Our approach is to be platform and device agnostics and focus on building open standard and interoperable solutions. Our offerings include IoT Consulting Services, M2M Solutions and IoT Product Innovation in consulting with other specialized partners. ; ; Our flagship Hyper things AIoT platform is today used by large oil and gas, telcos, government and OEM clients providing them cutting edge combined capabilities of IoT and AI.

Hyreo Services India Hyreo Services India
Hyreo Services India website
Hyreo Services India

Hyreo is the world's first recruiting CRM with deep conversational AI and virtual hiring capabilities. It is built on the philosophy of making candidates the centre of the recruiting universe and turning recruiters into true talent relationship champions. ; ; With Hyreo, recruiting teams can stay connected with candidates literally at all time, get deeper insights on corporate talent brand perception and optimise recruitment efforts through a host of automation tools. And the platform is fully equipped with the virtual hiring aids for selection and on-boarding of top talent. Open a new world of candidate experience leveraging smart technology!

Imperative Business Ventures Imperative Business Ventures
Imperative Business Ventures website
Imperative Business Ventures

Imperative Business Ventures (https://theimperative.in/), incorporated in 2011, with a head office in Mumbai, India. Imperative Business Ventures (www.theimperative.in ) is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001-2013 certified, MSME & NSIC registered Scale-up organization, offering Consulting, Outsourcing, and Technology Services such as, ITeS, BPM and Back-office services provider, and consulting organization incorporated by Women Entrepreneurs & driven by industry professionals.; ; As a Strategic Business Partner, Imperative offers Business Process Management and Digital Transformation Services to BFSI vertical using modern technologies like AI, ML & RPA for process automation, to grow customer's business and extend Customer Support across the industries. ; ; Imperative has received the following recognitions:; ; 2019 - Imperative has been profiled as one of the India's Top 100 Leading SME 2019, and Top 10 Leading SME's 2020 by Dun & Bradstreet in association with leading private bank RBL Bank. ; 2020 - Recognized by ET Rise among India's Top 10 leading & fastest growing MSME. ; 2021 - Chairman and Managing Director “Mrs. Manjusha Paithankar” recognized by Dun and Bradstreet as the “Best Woman Entrepreneur”. ; 2021 - Indian Achievers Forum presented Imperative with “Promising MSME” Award. ; 2022 - Imperative was also bestowed with the “Start-Up of the Year” by World BFSI Congress. ; 2022 - Business World recognized Imperative as “Most Innovative Service by Emerging Enterprise”.

Infinichains Labs Infinichains Labs
Infinichains Labs website
Infinichains Labs

Infinichains is a blockchain based sustainability tech company. Our major work is in the field of material traceability and Environmental, Social and Governance for brands and manufacturers.; Headquartered in the USA with it's operations centre in Pune. ; Founded in 2018 with a vision to make sustainability more measurable and available to organisations that have an environmental and social footprint.; We are the market leaders in traceability technology in the home textiles sector tracking more than 1 billion SKUs on our blockchain platform. Expanding into more verticals and geographies.

Innspark Solutions Innspark Solutions
Innspark Solutions website
Innspark Solutions

Building Innovative Deeptech Solutions for the enterprises government and defence.; ; Innspark is known as a passionate Deeptech company among its customers for providing highest quality products for solving the most difficult challenges facing the customers. This is possible by the Sincere, Passionate and hardworking Nerds, Engineers & Researchers. Solving the problems is part of their DNA. Innspark's products and Services have won several coveted awards at the national level and has received several compliments from its customers for solving some of the toughest problems.; ; The experience of our passionate in-house researchers who have developed and implemented technology solutions to a wide range of customers with highly complex environments including government organizations, banks, PSUs, and hospitals enables us to provide services for organizations of virtually any size.

Invasystems Software Solutions Invasystems Software Solutions
Invasystems Software Solutions website
Invasystems Software Solutions

Invasystems is focused on providing IT services and solution for driving digital transformation needs of the enterprises with right set of enterprise application for new gen needs and engaging user experiences. Mission of Invasystems is to create” innovation driven value”; ; Our Vision- “Providing a spectrum of business solutions through smart usage of technology for creating integrated & intelligent enterprises”.; Our M & A Technology Consulting services provides Technology consulting and operational services in a M&A/ Divestures Scenario (sellside or buyside) for due diligence , planning ,transition, implementation, modernization and long-term support of Infrastructure and application landscape.; ; Our Digital Transformation services focuses on Cloud and data applications with specific focus on improving Employee Experience Services exclusively focus on driving increased productivity & innovation through enhanced employee engagement. Our and Customer Experience Services provide our customers and partners a holistic framework to propel and run their business to new heights.; ; Under Digital Transformation we have launched products such as; 1. Bravo - Employee Recognition Platform; 2. Ideacomb- Idea and Innovation Management.; ; with installation at multiple companies.; ; Our Enterprise Application Services helps an organization integrate digital customer experiences, engage customer / supplier ecosystems, attract and motivate talent pool to perform and grow and run operations and financials more efficiently.it helps an enterprise digitally transform multiple front- and back-office business processes, including customer experience (CX), customer relationship management (CRM), human capital management (HCM), supply chain management (SCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), finance and more.; ; Our Mobility solutions brings together industry-leading, technology-driven solutions on a single platform for better management of the value chain through visualization, efficiencies, and workflow enhancement; ; Global partnerships with companies such as Microsoft , Salesforce, OSI Pi, Inductive Automation, UI Path ,IFS helps Invasystems in design and deployment of software solutions using Microsoft Azure, Power BI MS SharePoint, Salesforce , SAP, Oracle .; ; “Agility and Speed” in approach, backed with the strong technical expertise and industry process know-how at micro level has helped Invasystems connect with Fortune 500 companies globally and meet their expectations delivering “Customer Delights”. ; ; Over 98% client retention rate, Over 450 Projects with application engagements by 350,000 business users spread across 150 countries reflects Invasystems proven track record of providing valuable benefits to customers. Invasystems is enabling clients to develop their employees more productive and efficient by technology innovation, process improvement and re-engineering ,bringing significant cost saving and increased organizational core competency. Invasystems global clientele includes CSM, WIS, Unilever, Sandvik, Equinix, Honda, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Bharat Forge, Reliance, Mahindra & Mahindra, Anritsu, Philips, Varian Medical Systems and many others.; ; With quick strides made in 14 years of its combined entity existence, Invasystems Software solutions (earlier known as SpadeWorx Software Services) has been picking accolades and industry recognition along the way such as Nasscom's Emerging 50, CIO Review's 20 Best companies in healthcare application development and latest being from Deloitte as Technology Fast 500 in Asia Pacific including Australia region.


Mission of the Company: To develop, innovative, manufacture and market exclusive products & solutions in the area of "Handwriting Input Solutions " that increase the personal and corporate productivity of every computer user, offering significant value for the customer with an eco-friendly theme.; ; Founders:; ; S.V.Subrhamanya : Managing Director: Alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, Technology Expert holding 5 US patents. Has authored books & Journals. Ex. Infosyan - 20yrs. Part of the Chairman's office on Strategy. Adjunct professor at IIITB, Bangalore & Professor on deputation at MIIT, Mandalay, Mayanmar; ; Preetam MN: Director :Experience in product building with BE in E&C. Worked at Renesas, Broadcom as Technology Specialist totaling 17+ years, on board several technology companies.; ; Other Key People:; P. S. Moorthy : COO-Experience in product building with BE in E&C. Worked at Renesas, Broadcom as Technology Specialist totaling 17+ years, on board several technology companies; ; ADVISORY /MENTOR :; Prof.Sadagopan: Founder & Director of IIITB from 1999 to 2021. Graduate from Madras University, India & Purdue University, USA. He taught for 25+ years at IIT Kanpur, IIM Bangalore, IIT Madras and IIIT Bangalore .

Kalvi website

It has come to be commonly accepted that the Indian higher education system has been outdated and does not keep pace with the constantly evolving business environment. Technology is changing by the day but the curriculum is at least a decade old. Owing to the rising demand for tech talent, Computer Science degree programs have become one of the most sought-after streams today but the students graduating are not industry-ready. On the other hand, recruiters of this talent are spending an inordinate amount of time and resources to equip them with job skills. We picked this idea to solve this problem at the root level i.e radically reimagine how undergraduate degree education happens and build a platform to power the same; ; The first cohort of Work Integrated CS Degree program (BTech CSE) at one of our partner universities(Lovely Professional University - https://www.lpu.in/programmes/engineering/b-tech-cse-software-product) last week..; ; We had received an overwhelming response from potential students and I am pleased to share that we have had an acceptance rate of 1.44% into the program

Kaml Health Kaml Health
Kaml Health website
Kaml Health

LAMI.fit - "A Personalised Data-driven Predictive & Preventive Healthtech Platform"

Karya IncKarya Inc
Karya Inc website
Karya Inc

Karya Inc is a data cooperative, using AI and ML dataset generation tasks to bring critical supplementary income at scale to rural Indians. Our model is simple and scalable, with the potential for considerable sustainable impact for low-income communities. ; ; Currently, most dataset generation work goes to urban Indian workers, or is outsourced to other developing countries. In both cases, workers are exploited - offered sub-minimum wages and often severely overworked. Median hourly wages are estimated at around USD $0.1- $0.5 per hour, whereas datasets are often sold at 100-200 times the cost of generation. This is unacceptable and unethical, given the fact that dataset generation for AI-ML models is a USD $40 billion dollar global industry; In India alone, USD $125 million is spent every year on collecting data for AI and ML models. ; ; Karya started as a research project at Microsoft Research in 2017. Through four years of extensive research, Karya's team designed an extensive Android and web-based platform that allows Karya to collect, validate and analyse data at scale. In the last year of operation, the Karya platform has been used to distribute over 20 million paid digital tasks to more than 20,000 rural Indians in 20 states across the country. ; ; Karya's co-founders Manu Chopra and Vivek Seshadri conducted research on the model to understand whether: (1) digital micro-tasks completed by low-income rural workers was of similar quality to current workers; and (2) whether digital work had the potential to impact key social and economic outcomes for low-resource communities. ; ; Karya's first research paper (published in CHI 2019) explores the potential of bringing low-income workers into the flexible work economy through low-skilled digital tasks focused on local-language knowledge. Findings from these studies indicate that rural Indians achieved 96.7% accuracy using low-end smartphones, comparatively better than what is provided by many current dataset generation companies who engage educated workers. Additionally, they found that Karya workers, and in particular women, enjoyed the flexibility and independence digital work offered. ; ; These findings led to the development of Karya's current model which focuses on generating ethical data through cooperatives. Currently, Karya's workers across 20 states have contributed to creating speech and text datasets in over 12 Indian languages with 97% accuracy. Our datasets are not only of the highest quality, but simultaneously bring our workers dignified income through ethical wages - we pay our workers on average USD 4 per hour of work. Each Karya worker has the opportunity to earn at least USD 50 with Karya, an amount equivalent to almost 35% of their annual wages. Since inception, we have made over USD 300,000 in worker payments to 20,000 workers, 60% of whom were women and 95% belonging to a marginalised population. Through the Karya Public Licence, we ensure that any commercial use of the data results in additional payments for our workers. This gives our workers recurring supplementary income from the sale of their datasets.; ; Through our platform and services, we hope to create meaningful impact in the immediate, intermediate and long-term. Our ultimate goal is to help rural Indians create a solid economic foundation upon which they can begin to pursue their dreams. Karya's microtasking platform is not a career, but rather the first stepping stone in a pathway out of poverty. ; ; In the immediate term, we expect our workers to gain critical supplementary income, improve their digital literacy, enhance their confidence to thrive in a technologically-dominated economy, and give them dignity and personal-autonomy through higher-income work opportunities. In the long term, we hope to create a world where data has the power to be transformational. Ultimately, we expect Karya communities to be impacted through: increased wealth distribution, sustainable digital economic opportunities, and finally compassionate community-oriented societies with access to relevant technologies. This year, we are engaging in further research with academic partners from JPAL, MIT, Microsoft Research and Stanford University to better understand the impact of our work on low-income women communities against our theory of change and the avenues for improving our model.

Katonic.AI Katonic.AI
Katonic.AI website

Katonic MLOps platform is a collaborative platform with a unified UI to manage all data science in one place. The platform combines the creative scientific process of data scientists with the professional software engineering process to build and deploy Machine Learning Models into production safely, quickly, and in a sustainable way

Kodo Technologies Kodo Technologies
Kodo Technologies website
Kodo Technologies

Kodo is a powerful all-in-one spend management platform built for fast-growing companies looking to simplify their B2B payments and unlock savings. We make it easy for teams to spend smarter, unlock savings and reclaim their time. ; ; Our products include corporate credit & prepaid cards, vendor & UPI payments, and employee reimbursements. Using a single dashboard, finance teams can confidently delegate, automate and simplify their company payments while unlocking the cashflow visibility they need.; ; Kodo is the trusted payments platform for 1500+ leading Indian companies such as Groww, Mensa Brands, Mahindra Logistics, Zepto, Blue Tokai Coffee and more. We are backed by marquee investors such as Y-combinator, Brex, Goat Capital, and Pioneer Fund.

Kratikal Tech Kratikal Tech
Kratikal Tech website
Kratikal Tech

Kratikal is a CERT-In Empanelled cyber security solutions provider. It is the trusted partner for enterprises and individuals, seeking to protect their brand, business and dignity from baffling cyber attacks. Kratikal has carved out a position in the cyber security space, earning the trust of some of the world's most prestigious businesses, from various industries such as Fintech, Telecom, Healthcare, E-commerce, and others. Our trained security professionals assist in finding vulnerabilities, by applying worldwide compliances such as ISO 27001 and SOC2.; ; We have been involved in the design, implementation of information security management systems since the time standards were adopted by the industry. We are experts in conducting a thorough examination of a company's IT infrastructure and providing effective cyber security solutions.

Kroop Ai Kroop Ai
Kroop Ai website
Kroop Ai

Kroop AI is a deeptech startup solving the problem of video creation using Artificial Intelligence. High quality videos of speaking 2D/3D avatars of different styles are created with just text or audio as input. Kroop AI's platform is accessible through both a API and a cloud based studio editor interface. The focus sectors are MarTech, Digital Media, Entertainment and Gaming.

Le Orion Informatics Le Orion Informatics
Le Orion Informatics website
Le Orion Informatics

Le Oorion Informatics is a privated limited company incorporated in 2018. Our vision is to become one of the top travel back office solution provider in the world. So far we have developed products like travel back office management solutions and Smart HR systems for Travel management companies across the world. We are currently operational in India, UAE, Saudi, Bahrain and Qatar. We are recognised as one of the innovative solutions in the national expo held at new Delhi recently.

Liradolf Information Technologies And Engineering Services Liradolf Information Technologies And Engineering Services
Liradolf Information Technologies And Engineering Services website
Liradolf Information Technologies And Engineering Services

Liradolf is a 7 year old product based company that develops Industrial IOT enabled products that help manufacturing Industries improve their operational efficiencies. The company is primarily focussed in delivering value to Automotive and Aerospace industries. Our Clientele includes Tata Aerospace and Defence, Volvo Construction Equipment, Uno Minda, Mindarika, Yakaki, Dellorto, Toyoda Gosei, Mikuni.

LivNSense Technologies LivNSense Technologies
LivNSense Technologies website
LivNSense Technologies

LivNSense™ is a pioneering Industrial AI Platform venture that aims at maximizing the profitability of the process manufacturing industry with key focus on Efficiency, Energy Optimization and GHG Carbon reduction. ; Our Digital Twins based SAAS platform, converts continuous and discrete process industries with standard OT/Electronic systems into Cognitive Living Equipment, significantly lowering operational costs, improving safety, and lowering energy consumption and carbon footprint.; ; USP (Unique Selling Point): GreenOps™, uniquely addresses the process efficiency and energy balance by harnessing the power of AI, IoT and Digital Twins technology to impact deep-decarbonisation across the process value chain with 100+ IPs in Process AI.

Lts Secure Lts Secure
Lts Secure website
Lts Secure

LTS Secure offers Security Suite to rationalize, prioritize & automate response to risks in your environment.; ; Comprehensive Cyber Security Solutions with continuous monitoring at all layers of the IT stack: network packets, flows, OS activities, content, user behaviors and application transactions.

Matisoft Cyber Security Labs Matisoft Cyber Security Labs
Matisoft Cyber Security Labs website
Matisoft Cyber Security Labs

Matisoft an IIT-Delhi partner company is focused on building patented cutting edge AI based cyber security software like antivirus, USB data protection & file storage security. Born out of IIT-Delhi it has worked on various projects with Govt. of India & building products for National Security along with CERT-India. We have won 9 International & National awards for our work.

Netmonastery Network SecurityNetmonastery Network Security
Netmonastery Network Security website
Netmonastery Network Security

NETMONASTERY is a group of avant guard security engineers and researchers that are working to bring down the entry barrier for threat defence platforms and making it accessible to everyone. NETMONASTERY is investing in the ability to scale to bring down cost of operations for cyber security platforms and therefore making it viable for everyone to acquire visibility to threats in their environment. In the core are a bunch of happy but highly motivated team of engineers who aren't afraid to challenge the status quo, and it shows in the HyperScale ability built into the product

Neuropixel.Ai Labs Neuropixel.Ai Labs
Neuropixel.Ai Labs website
Neuropixel.Ai Labs

NeuroPixel.AI is a DeepTech startup at the intersection of Fashion E-Commerce and ComputerVision. We are 18 months old, and have a team of 15 members including multiple PhDs and Masters graduates from the IISc and the IITs. We are backed by international and Indian VCs including Entrepreneur First, Inflection Point Ventures and Flipkart. We are proud to be a part of the NetApp Excellerator and the Intel Startup Accelerator, and have also secured a 25 Lakh grant from the Government of Karnataka's Elevate Program.

Newzera Tech Labs Newzera Tech Labs
Newzera Tech Labs website
Newzera Tech Labs

About Newzera; Newzera is an India-based deep-tech startup at the intersection of social networking and robo-journalism. We are building a modern social network of News for Gen Z. ; With state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms, Newzera is a one of its kind mobile application that's blending news consumption with social experiences.; The app introduces a revolutionary brand new crisp format where News is generated and verified by AI. ; With some unique and exciting features, Newzera offers a fun and engrossing way to consume news and engage around it with your friends and family. ; ; About Founder; Newzera is the brainchild of Mr. Shrey Sharma, a dual degree holder in computer science from IIT.; He specializes in Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning.; Amongst the fastest-growing and high impact engineers at Silicon Valley, he is credited with developing the next generation of a recommendation system for Pinterest.; In his early days, he built the world's first social media AI robot to beat humans at finding content for their platform. He has invented and patented a new ad-serving model for a Silicon Valley Start-up.; Shrey founded Newzera with a determined vision and profound passion to simplify news for social consumption.; ; About the Founder's story ; Shrey from a very young age was fascinated about how humans consume information. He wanted to understand the algorithm that would make information consumption simpler and with that in mind he enrolled in CS major at IIT where he published his original research in analyzing facts and their relations.Shrey built a news recommendation system for Yahoo while he was in college and later went onto entirely designing a recommendation system to find relationships between user generated data. Shrey with only one goal in his head and heart decided that it's now time to simplify news for social consumption and thus began his journey of creating Newzera.; ; About Newzera's office ; Newzera has three boutique offices designed in an ergonomic setup located in Indore, one of which is in IT Park. The offices consist of everything from high-backed chairs to the monitor stands to standing desks which the employees can adjust according to their needs. Newzera's IT Park office is designed with soothing whites, for a calm vibe with ambient lighting at every desk. The offices have a fully-stocked pantry for the food lovers and PS4 Pro for master gamers. Newzera is currently planning to expand to other cities including Delhi and Bangalore. ; ; About Team Newzera; Newzera's team consists of exceptionally talented software engineers, journalists, writers, and designers all working together to make Newzera a one-stop solution for all social experiences related to the news. Newzera's current team comprises 62 employees from some of the most prestigious institutions like IIMs, IITs, IIITs, NITs, NIDs, IIMC, DU. Over the past two years, Newzera has interviewed around 20,000 candidates with only 353 having made the cut. Newzera's team in one word can be described as the 'Trendsetters' as they have set out to do something that has never been done before. From the software engineering team to the people operations team, each is dedicated to inventing new algorithms or applying active research and methods which would be patentable. Newzera's team hence is, just like its product, the perfect blend.


RoadMate mobile application developed under NEXTWAVE ACCESS PRIVATE LIMITED is an automotive service and sales start-up providing 50+ automobile services to its customers. We have partnered with more than 850 service centers and 50+ authorized dealers across Kerala and enable vehicle services and sales at the convenience of a tap. RoadMate application digitalizes the automobile service providers like authorized dealers, mechanics, water services & spare parts shops. RoadMate partners with automobile service providers and enlist their services.; RoadMate application work as a communicator between sales, service providers, and vehicle users. RoadMate opens up an immense opportunity for sales and service providers to tap more customers by showcasing the services and offers. ; The targeted audience of RoadMate is around 300 million active vehicle users in India. RoadMate provides a user-friendly platform to its customers which include nearby service centers, Offers, Slot booking facilities, Service provider details including directions & contact details, and a marketplace to buy and sell used vehicles and accessories.; A digital network of sales, service providers, and vehicle users enhance the quality of easy service slot booking facilities at better price and time consumption in the automobile service industry. No matter wherever the users travel, the RoadMate travel along and safeguard them by providing nearby services. An integrated automobile platform of service and product will make RoadMate the ultimate choice of every vehicle user.; The objective of RoadMate is to become the first application that every vehicle user can depend on for all automobile-related services and products

Noesys Software Noesys Software
Noesys Software website
Noesys Software

Noesys Software is. a tech product company. Noesys, means "result of Analysis, Perception and Thinking", this philosophy is ingrained in the way we engage with our customers helping them analyze and realize their business objectives. ; We at Noesys, through our product Infoveave, provide Analytics and Automation solution for businesses. Infoveave makes it easy for companies to manage all their data in one place, keep track of their performance at various levels and automate critical front and back office processes. Infoveave is ready to use, customizable and extensible platform that can be used to create various point solutions based on the business need. ; Our product has been implemented for various enterprise customers in Utilities, Automotive, Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics and Healthcare sectors.

Noos Technologies Noos Technologies
Noos Technologies website
Noos Technologies

NOOS Technologies is an innovative startup working in the area of physical to digital connectivity using scannable secure codes. The secure scannable codes can be used to provide Packaging Security solutions like Anti-Counterfeit, Warranty fraud management as well as secure code for supply chain management, Consumer Engagement and other digital solutions.; NOOS provides innovative & globally unique solutions using proprietary technology.

OffenseLogic/Cyber SapientOffenseLogic / Cyber Sapient
OffenseLogic/Cyber Sapient website
OffenseLogic/Cyber Sapient

working on Automation of security to eradicate manual errors

Onsurity Technologies Onsurity Technologies
Onsurity Technologies website
Onsurity Technologies

Founded in 2020, Onsurity is India's only full-stack employee health and wellness benefit platform.; We leverage cutting-edge technology to revolutionize and democratize India's employee health benefits landscape. ; ; Our Founder and CEO - Yogesh Agarwal, who's India's youngest actuary and a qualified chartered accountant along with co-founder Kulin Shah who has worked in growth and partnerships with the likes of Freecharge and Acko identified the evident gap for health benefits in "India's missing middle"; There are over 63 million SMEs in India, with about 300 million workforce. However, a mere 5% have access to healthcare.; Onsurity was established to address this gap with the aim of democratizing healthcare.; ; Our mission is to help businesses grow with happier, healthier employees. By providing healthcare solutions to MSMEs, we want to bring them at-par with larger corporates, with no extra burden on their working capital.; ; We focus on affordability, scalability, and ease of use. ; Our employee health benefits platform is available with zero annual commitment. ; We use highly sophisticated algorithms to analyze the benefits that employees demand and club them in membership plans that start at a mere Rs.145 per month. ; Our platform can use used by businesses with as few as 3 employees and the monthly based plans under TeamSure include benefits like group health insurance, discounts on medicine orders and health check-ups, fitness rewards, doctor teleconsultation and much more. ; ; Onsurity stands strong with 2500+SMB's and 3L+ members as a part of our platform within a span of 2.5 years; We are partnered with the liked of BSE, Visa, Amazon, DBS and have won multiple awards like - "Insuretech Debutante of the year" by India Insuretech Awards and IAMAI's digital award for "Best Tech for Health"; ; We envision to be first choice for employers when thinking of “Employee Benefits” in the coming years with our all-round healthcare technology and reliable and superior customer service.

Pankhtech IndiaPankhtech India
Pankhtech India website
Pankhtech India

Pankhtech India , Incorporated on 16.10.2020, recently raised seed funding of 3Cr. We created India's first brain wearable to monitor stress and focus levels.

Param Network Param Network
Param Network website
Param Network

⦃param⦄'s mission is to evolve blockchain technology for mainstream adoption. The idea originated from the founder's past experience building a profitable eCommerce venture, where the transactional integration with supply chain trade partners yielded great flexibility and large benefits in building healthy unit economics. To bring significant optimisation and value creation to the commerce industry, the ⦃param⦄ protocol was established to set up a trustworthy digital network for structured data exchange among enterprise systems. All without any compromise to data security & privacy. The startup is fully bootstrapped, in growth mode with customers like Bosch, Mahindra, and Nykaa.

Pavo & Tusker InnovationsPavo & Tusker Innovations
Pavo & Tusker Innovations website
Pavo & Tusker Innovations

P&T is a start-up focused on engineering innovations, where our mission is to bring harmony with technology and data into the Digital Future of Enterprises. As a deep tech engineering innovations company, we have delivered Information extraction with Document Intelligence, AI-based Semantic Search engine, the Next best-selling item recommendation for the largest CPG manufacturer to yield a 1% MoM increase in Sales, Self-service ML Platform for Data Scientists and a Cryptocurrency trading platform. We have been recognised by the Nvidia Inception Program and have received a grant of 100K USD. We have been incubated by NASSCOM 10000 Startups and are part of Microsoft for start-ups. The Stanford Seed Spark Program has mentored us. Also, now we are part of NASSCOM Deep-tech Club and being recognised by Top 6 Startups from TN in CII Connect 2021.

Payatu Security Consulting Payatu Security Consulting
Payatu Security Consulting website
Payatu Security Consulting

Payatu is a Research-powered cybersecurity services and training company specialized in IoT, Embedded Web, Mobile, Cloud, & Infrastructure security ; assessments with a proven track record of securing software, hardware and infrastructure for customers across 20+ countries.

Pennant Technologies Pennant Technologies
Pennant Technologies website
Pennant Technologies

Pennant Technologies is an agile, innovative FinTech company that delivers future-ready, easily adaptable, and configurable products and solutions for global banks and financial services companies. Our customer-centric approach and market-centered innovation help our clients transform their business operations, deliver differentiating customer experiences and drive competitive advantage. We provide agile software solutions for managing customer experience, lending operations, payment processing systems, and specialized Islamic banking needs. ; ; Founded in 2005, Pennant Technologies is headquartered in Hyderabad, India, and has offices and technology centers in London, Dubai, Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam. To know more, visit: http://www.pennanttech.com/

Pinmicro India Pinmicro India
Pinmicro India website
Pinmicro India

Pinmicro helps organizations create Digital Twins of business operations using highly accurate real-time location systems [RTLS] and IoT data. ; ; Pinmicro offers solutions that help industries scale their operational efficiencies and earn higher ROIs. By using Real-Time Location Solutions and progressive IoT technology for generating digital twins, we enable organizations to continuously monitor and manage resources and optimize their workflow by quickly identifying bottlenecks. Our solutions help accelerate digital transformation across many business sectors including retail, healthcare, education, manufacturing, event management, logistics, smart offices, and more. ; ; As a leading provider of IoT-based location intelligence solutions, our B2B SaaS platform includes high precision BLE and UWB hardware beacons, real-time AI algorithms, and enterprise-scale data analytics. In addition to UWB and BLE, Pinmicro also leverages the Angle of Arrival (AoA) technique for accurate location data. Our IoT-powered RTLS solutions enable digital twins for real-time location tracking, bringing enhanced operational savings & workplace safety. ; ; Founded in 2015, Pinmicro's dedicated team has been consistently working on our mission to digitally transform businesses with the best enterprise, IoT-powered, RTLS platform. In addition to our technical excellence and delivering innovative solutions, delighting our clients with a customer-first approach is what we do at Pinmicro.

Plutomen Technologies Plutomen Technologies
Plutomen Technologies website
Plutomen Technologies

Plutomen is an AR platform that enhances frontline capacities through self-assisting interactive resources, digitized workflow & SOPs, and collaboration with remote experts. Their digital platform empowers industrial customers across sectors like Industrial Equipment, Automotive, Telecom, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, etc., to improve productivity, extend frontline capabilities, reduce operational costs, and maximize revenue growth while promoting sustainability and worker safety.

PrivaSapien Technologies PrivaSapien Technologies
PrivaSapien Technologies website
PrivaSapien Technologies

If data is the new oil, privacy technologies are the new refineries, which are missing from data ecosystems today. PrivaSapien is building Privacy 3.0 products that can enable business to unlock data without violating user privacy.; ; Our products are used by Indian, US & EU enterprises and have won multiple awards like Aatmanirbhar Bharath award & DSCI's national privacy challenge.

Probe Information Services Probe Information Services
Probe Information Services website
Probe Information Services

Probe Information Services (PISPL) is an information service provider and operates the platform 'Probe42.in'. Probe42 provides information of all Indian companies registered with MCA.

Prophaze Technologies Prophaze Technologies
Prophaze Technologies website
Prophaze Technologies

Prophaze is a cloud native security solution provider. It is the first company around the globe to launch pure Kubernetes driven SD-WAF. It is one of the top four emerging companies in this space. Prophaze is also one of the corporate partners at the international OWASP Community. It is the first real time Automated Cloud Security product company in India with a mission of securing applications against hacking and providing Data Security. ; ; Prophaze is a leading Next Generation Web Application Firewall (WAF) OEM. We are featured as a Global WAF Innovation Leader in 2022 and competing with all Global WAF OEM's.

Pupilmesh Pupilmesh
Pupilmesh website

PupilMesh is a IIT Bombay incubated Augmented Reality startup developing Near Eye display solutions and Augmented Reality platforms for consumer and enterprise use cases enabling the Metaverse future.

Qliclabs Technologies Qliclabs Technologies
Qliclabs Technologies website
Qliclabs Technologies

We @ Qliclabs are building an affordable SaaS-based product called EPrise for Indian SMEs and MSMEs to manage their day-to-day operations in a simple way.; From Generating Invoices, Tracking Payments, Filing Monthly Businesses Taxes with a single click, Integrating with the Banks to simplify Accounting Operations, and much more.; Currently, used by 70+ Businesses from a Mom n Pop shops to Large Manufacturers, which aligns with our goal of "Technology for All".

Qpiai India Qpiai India
Qpiai India website
Qpiai India

QpiAI is a deep tech AI and quantum computing startup building a scalable and AI-enabled quantum computer to enable the next-generation of extreme compute and automation. We are developing a vertically integrated AI and quantum solutions stack that brings value-based additions to the logistics, supply chain, finance, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and manufacturing industry.

Quantian TechnologiesQuantian Technologies
Quantian Technologies website
Quantian Technologies

Quantian Technologies is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) products company specializing in Computer Vision. Our core product platform, called Eyerys is built around in-house designed facial recognition algorithms. Our mission is to help our clients get a competitive edge in their industry via exceptional customer engagement & experience. They shall achieve this through our innovative product capabilities like - recognizing high value and repeat customers, instant recall of customer preferences and instructions, personalized sales recommendations, customer footfall and demographic analytics, hyper-personalized social media outreach, etc.

Rapidops Solutions Rapidops Solutions
Rapidops Solutions website
Rapidops Solutions

Our story & core values; ; Sales and marketing are the core needs of every business. During our early years as a consulting business, our founders implemented almost all prominent CRM platforms (like Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Zoho) to build a high-functioning sales organization. However, they experienced that most CRMs (even today) are highly complicated, expensive, and too manual. On top, you need to buy many add-ons and spend a fortune (money and time) on integrations to make to fit your sales process. While they suit the needs of large enterprises, they are not at all suited for small and medium-sized businesses with a lean sales team. They need software that empowers their sales teams to multiply their productivity by removing complexity, automating manual work, and using personalized intelligence to enable their reps to grow revenue and relationships across the entire journey.; ; ; With their strong background in CRM, ERP and SaaS businesses, our three founders, saw an opportunity for a CRM platform, Salesmate, that is easy-to-use, highly automated and intelligent to help multiply the rep's sales productivity at each stage of the modern customer journey - from awareness to education to consideration to purchase and growth phases. And in late 2016, Salesmate was launched. ; ; In the market where raising capital is considered cool, we focus our compass on building a strong value-driven company that thinks big, executes well, and exceeds customer expectations. With a strong team of 300+, we are a driven and humane team that aims to transform the way businesses grow faster in the new digital-first world order. ; ; Progress through the years; ; Since its inception in late 2016, Salesmate has grown quickly and consistently with thousands of customers and has also been recognized as a top performer by platforms like G2, Capterra, and Trust Radius. Salesmate is a story of a bootstrapped SaaS platform that is Made in India for the world. It enjoys multi-million dollar revenue and is one of the few profitable startups with consistent growth. ; ; ; Today Salesmate enables SMEs and even Fortune 500 enterprises to automate their marketing, sales, and support processes on a single platform powered by automation, AI/ML, and growing ecosystem of integrations and partners. ; ; ; Meet the Team; ; ; Jayesh Mori, CEO; ; Jayesh is a co-founder and CEO at Salesmate. Jayesh has 14+ years of experience in building, leading, and growing technology businesses. He also possesses deep expertise in enterprise sales, product marketing, and business leadership. Prior to Salesmate, Jayesh was a Chief Product Officer at Tresata, where he led the product strategy, engineering, and enterprise sales for its AI-powered predictive analytics platform. He played an instrumental role in building the startup from the ground up to a unicorn (in 2018) that is powering some of the largest Fortune 500 finance, retail, transportation, and healthcare segments. Before Tresata, Jayesh led the analytics platform development at Trupoint Partners, which acquired 600+ US banks as customers and got acquired by NContracts in 2019. Jayesh holds a Master's degree in Software Engineering from the University of North Carolina and Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Nirma University. ; ; Dipesh Patel, CTO; ; Dipesh is a co-founder and CTO at Salesmate. Dipesh has 17+ years of experience building technology products. As a CTO, Dipesh brings world-class expertise in software design, architecture, engineering, scalability and AI/ML analytics. Most notably, Dipesh has led the development of many technology products and solutions for multiple Fortune 500 and global enterprises that are used by millions of customers and generating billions in revenue. Prior to Rapidops, Dipesh had developed multiple ERP, accounting, and business management software as a consultant and co-founder at H-Office. Dipesh holds Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Nirma University. ; ; ; Samir Motwani, COO; ; Samir is the co-founder and COO at Salesmate. Samir has expertise in product management, business strategy, Human Resources, and internal operations. Since 14+ years, Samir leads various market research, product design, client management, delivering mission-critical digital initiatives for our enterprises and platform customers. Samir holds a Bachelor's degree from Nirma Institute of Technology, and he is also a leader of the alumni board at Nirma University.

Raptee Energy Raptee Energy
Raptee Energy website
Raptee Energy

Raptee is pioneering in High Voltage drivetrains for electric motorcycles. We're the only OEM to be incubated at ARAI and received $.5 Mil in grants from ARAI for our tech. ; We've built IP across pack assembly, BMS, VCU, MC, safety systems with over 18 patents in progress. We have 6 protos being tested on the road today and have commercials closed with most major vendors and have kicked off tooling.; We also sell our tech to commercial vehicle (Electric Buses) OEMs.

Rdl Technologies Rdl Technologies
Rdl Technologies website
Rdl Technologies

We at RDL make enterprise IoT products & software solutions Leveraging Industrial AI IoT to drive end-to-end digital transformation across the business by integrating IT and OT . Digitize day-to-day manufacturing processes & support in making the move towards Intelligent Factory Transformation.

Rupifi website

Rupifi is India's first Embedded Finance company which operates in the B2B Payments space; through its B2B BNPL and B2B Checkout products. We provide cash based financing (as opposed to balance sheet; based financing which grossly hampers their potential) to SMEs through platforms where they; transact naturally and repeatedly. This is done by tying up with marketplaces and brands to; unlock capital for growth for SMEs who buy from them.; Rupifi's solutions power leading B2B marketplaces in India such as Jumbotail, Retailio, Flipkart; Wholesale, Fynd etc. allowing them to offer seamless checkout experience and flexible payment; terms to their SMB customers.; Rupifi was set up in 2020 in the midst of Covid by Anubhav Jain, Ankit Singh and Jawaid Iqbal. We are funded by marquee investors. Till date, we have disbursed nearly INR 2k cr of loans to 150k+ SMEs. Our solutions are present in over 500 cities and 10,000 pin codes.

Satsure Analytics India Satsure Analytics India
Satsure Analytics India website
Satsure Analytics India

SatSure is a deep tech, decision intelligence company that leverages advances in satellite remote sensing, machine learning, big data analytics and cloud computing to create products and solutions that help enterprises and its people take smart decisions working at the nexus of agriculture, infrastructure and climate action. ; Founders at SatSure worked as scientists in Indian Space Research Organisation before starting the company in 2017. Today, the company is headquartered in Bangalore, India with business offices in Switzerland, UK and US. ; SatSure builds unique products and solutions which are targeted at tackling the challenges of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) like financial inclusion, food security, sustainable infrastructure, sustainable cities, climate action and partnerships for goals. Our products and solutions have helped disburse more than 2 million farmer loans. enabled more than 400,000 claim settlements, helped evacuate more than 12,000 people during 2018 Kerala floods and has helped transmission line companies with upto 20% of cost savings in bids. We are today monitoring more than 1 million sq. km every week.

SecneurX Technologies SecneurX Technologies
SecneurX Technologies website
SecneurX Technologies

Founded in 2018, SecneurX is an Indian Cyber Threat Intelligence driven company. Its suite of products are designed to boost organization's confidence in their cyber security posture. It supports its customers with its home-grown technology and latest global threat intelligence, enabling them to build a proactive cyber defense against targeted and complex threats with a 360-degree view of the tactics, techniques & procedures used by threat actors. The products are truly a viable alternative to existing global options for enterprises, service providers, and security vendors.

Seconize website

Established in the 2017, Seconize helps companies Prioritize and Remediate Security Vulnerabilities. ; ; Businesses are prone to increased attacks as the security teams are buried under tons of assessment reports and lack tools to manage the vulnerabilities that are key to their business.; ; Let Seconize DeRisk Center, a Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Platform, Identify, Prioritize, and (auto) Remediate Vulnerabilities.

Securelyshare Software Securelyshare Software
Securelyshare Software website
Securelyshare Software

SecurelyShare is an R&D based, innovation driven company with focus on providing unique tools and technologies for varied data security and privacy needs. Our technology, backed by 7 US granted patents, provides security, privacy, and confidentiality in storing and communicating structured and unstructured datasets internally or externally. SecurelyShare team is a close-knit group led by experts in security & privacy with more than two decades of experience in engineering world-class software solutions globally. We are headquartered in Bengaluru, India with registered offices in Singapore and USA. Our customers are spread across India, Middle East and USA regions.

SecOps Solution SecOps Solution
SecOps Solution website
SecOps Solution

SecOps Solution is a full-stack cybersecurity assessment platform.; It identifies the top 1% of security risks that could have the maximum impact on the organisation, thereby saving millions of dollars and hundreds of hours of engineering effort in patchwork and remediation.; It is an AI-powered agent-less platform for Vulnerability Management and remediating misconfigurations in applications and the cloud.; SecOps configures and starts protecting your assets - within seconds not days.

Securaa website

Securaa is a Cybersecurity Product Company focussed on building intelligent automation products for Cybersecurity Operations. Securaa is headquarted in Mysore and has presence in Mysore and Noida in India and Dallas and Dubai outside of India. Securaa has customers in India, Middle East and North America

Shebirth website

Shebirth is a Health Tech startup focused on improvising Maternal Health. We are on a mission to Reduce C-Section rate in India by partnering with like minded Doctors and Hospitals to make a Social Impact in India

SimpleWorks Solutions SimpleWorks Solutions
SimpleWorks Solutions website
SimpleWorks Solutions

SimpleCRM is an ISO 27001:2013 certified company with Indian offices based in Nagpur, India, and development operations in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Colombo. Its flagship Customer Engagement Platform powers the digital transformation of organizations by digitizing, decoding, and delivering all aspects of the customer journey, from prospecting to onboarding to account management to servicing to retention. With some of the largest financial services organizations in Asia using SimpleCRM, the dynamic team has experience delivering hundreds of successful projects in geographies like Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Oman, and more. (www.simplecrm.com)

Singular IntelligenceSingular Intelligence
Singular Intelligence website
Singular Intelligence

Singular Intelligence enables brands and retailers to significantly improve their profit, customer experience and market share by AI and decision optimisation. ; The company offers a highly innovative, always-on SaaS AI tool for Automated Analysis, predictive scenario simulation & Recommendations from data that considers all market and operational contexts to take the best decisions on time. ; The company is backed by the University of Oxford, Innovate UK competitive Grants, UK Digital Catapult, and several corporate partnerships like Microsoft and Nielsen. With global headquarters in the UK, the India HQ is in Bengaluru. It has India as its development centre for product R&D and Customer deliveries. The flagship product CatmanAI has been delivered at Unilever in ten countries, including India, with over 20 product categories. Other customers include Sainsbury's, Pepsico, and Cranswick.

SISA Information SecuritySISA Information Security
SISA Information Security website
SISA Information Security

SISA is a Forensics-driven Cybersecurity company trusted by organizations across the globe for securing their businesses with the robust preventive, detective, and corrective security services and solutions.

Slang LabsSlang Labs
Slang Labs website
Slang Labs

Slang Labs is a Google-backed startup based in Bangalore. Slang Labs was founded in 2017 by ex-Facebook and ex-Microsoft Research techies - Kumar, Giridhar, Satish - and it has emerged as the best multilingual Voice Assistance enabler for Ecommerce Apps in India - with a powerful voice search that is 46% more accurate than Google Voice Search. The Slang CONVA platform enables voice conversation based interface for end users in Ecommerce Apps. It is the preferred voice assistant solution for India's category leading apps such as Nykaa, Udaan, Big Basket, Redbus, Sugarfit, SpiceJet and ICICI Direct.

Smarg Technologies Smarg Technologies
Smarg Technologies website
Smarg Technologies

"Smarg exists to empower retail and commercial spaces with high brand value to attract premium clients through delivery of personalised experience, safety and high quality services to their customers.; ; Smarg's AI-Driven Smart Retail Intelligence Platform enables to; * Leverage marketing intelligence for premise and campaigns for ultra improved RoI; * Foster proactive real-time governance for processes, SOPs and raising Ops workflow SLAs; * Promote operational efficiency by way of automation and just in time analytics ; * Prevent and secure site with real time incident detection system; ; Highlights: ; * 10M+ VA hours ; * 10+ Happy Customers; * Works on CCTV/drone on edge"

Smart Ship HubSmart Ship Hub
Smart Ship Hub website
Smart Ship Hub

Smart Ship Hub (SSH) is unique digital platform for global maritime enabling the value chain in digital upgrade for higher efficiencies, reliability, compliance, and sustainability. ; ; Aimed at Vessel Owners, Operators, Charter Party, Insurers & Ship supplies company: SSH digital platform provides specific on-demand cloud services for end to end maritime ecosystem. Easy to install & operate, Performance Advisory & Predictive Diagnostics helps in accurate assessment of Machinery Health & Condition, Remaining running hours, KPI's for Optimum performance, PMS procurement, Main Engine/ Auxiliary Engine Performance, Voyage performance including ETA vis-à-vis dynamic vessel & weather conditions.; ; High frequency data from the fleet is disrupting the traditional business processes in favour of on demand and shared services. High quality data from the vessel and actionable intelligence delivered on the edge as well as on cloud, is enabling optimisation and higher top line through shared data.; ; SSH Products: ; ; a) Smart Ship Hub "Remote": Remote tracking, control, management of ships, ship machinery, voyage, cargo: for efficient logistics management, port entry exit, predictive maintenance and diagnostics. ; ; b) Smart Ship Hub " Marine Insights": Unique maritime big data platform for built in performance use cases aimed at optimization and efficiency across: fuel consumption, route, ETA, vessel performance, machinery performance.; ; c) Smart Ship Hub " BI": Legacy ship management. processes migrated on to on demand mobile access. Integrated to internal ERP, Planned Maintenance and other systems while enabling High Frequency data driven intelligence from the ships ; ; ** Connected Vessels for shared maritime ecosystem": SSH is on its path to enable data sharing: "Ship to Shore, Ship to Ship, Shore to Ship, Shore to Shore " between all digitally connected ships. Connected maritime ecosystem will ensure: Shared capacity, shared routes, shared maintenance regime and parts procurement leading to efficient " Demand - Supply match up".

Spaising TechnologiesSpaising Technologies
Spaising Technologies website
Spaising Technologies

Spaising Technologies is an IT solutions and services company with a highly dedicated professionals working on board.; ; We offer far more than essential IT services and are here to help you achieve all your goals. We are a leading software development company, specializing in creating innovative, custom software and web solutions for our clients.; ; - Expertise in revamping Legacy Cloud based applications; - Complete Digital transformation with New UI and Architecture; - Automate the applications and connect with other applications like ERP; - Building customized Business oriented applications from scratch; ; At Spaising Technologies our mission is to provide the best Software solutions & services; known to our clients for our quality, agility & our commitment.; ; At Spaising Technologies our vision is to help companies in complete Digital transformation by leveraging the latest technologies & become part of the leading companies driving these changes.

Streamingo website

Streamingo is an innovative Deep learning company focused on democratizing human activity analysis in Videos.

Strell website

Product Website: Strell.io; Website: https://strell.io; ; Team Size: 4; ; Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/79704867/admin/; Twitter: https://twitter.com/Strell_io; Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvorj4lTNUoM3isiFSdDcog

Strobes SecurityStrobes Security
Strobes Security website
Strobes Security

STROBES, a Risk-Centered Vulnerability Management Platform.; ; Strobes platform connects with over 50 vulnerability scanners (popular open scanners in-built and top commercial scanners), tracking (Jira, ServiceNow) & communication tools (Slack, Email, TFS). With the help of the connectors, one can orchestrate security in just 3 simple steps and the best thing is, it integrates into CI/CD pipeline with no hassles.; ; Automation helps in aggregating vulnerabilities from various infrastructure, applications & cloud scanners and the correlation module does a hybrid analysis which automatically helps in de-duping and prioritizing vulnerabilities.

Stylumia website

We believe in augmenting human intelligence in fashion and lifestyle retail for a better world.; ; With relevant data and the right technology, people and businesses in the fashion and lifestyle retail can solve hard problems and change the world for the better.; ; In 2015-16, when we looked at the available technology and solutions, we saw fashion forecasting and demand planning are either subjective in nature, or traditional consumer research-based going with what consumers say, or data platforms that throw supply-driven signals. We saw these methods do not solve the fundamental challenge in fashion trend spotting, prediction and the business metrics of full-price sell-through continue to remain around the 50% mark creating over USD 750 billion/annum of wastage globally. The biggest wastage in the fashion industry is the one caused by ill-informed decision-making.; ; We saw a need for a different kind of technology and approach, and we knew it would need a different kind of company to build it. That is why we formed Stylumia.; ; Stylumia is one of the fastest-growing fashion tech start-ups with Fortune 100 clients to mid-sized ones, solving a fundamental challenge of the business, predicting future demand for an unseen product. The global fashion industry is around 3 Trillion USD, half of which is not what the consumer wants. This huge supply-demand gap poses a huge sustainability threat to the planet. United Nations and Fashion for Good are rallying for us. Using AI, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision, Stylumia has a proven methodology to improve the prediction accuracy of fashion brands and retailers across 7 countries. We strongly believe in eliminating waste before it happens. ; ; Stylumia has many awards and recognitions. Select few are,; ; Aegis Graham Bell Award 2021 - AI innovation in retail; Amazon AI Conclave Award Retail - Winner 2019; Nasscom Emerge 50 2019; Yourstory TECH30; Entrepreneurs Worldcup 2020 - World Top 100, India Winner; Accenture Global Innovation Challenge Finalist 2018; Top 25 AI Companies In APAC - CIO Advisor 2017

Switchon website

SwitchOn helps precision manufacturing Industries drastically reduce their manufacturing defects through the use of a one-of-a-kind field-trainable AI system. Automotive and CPG companies globally employ 25%+ of their workforce on inspecting product quality and yet face 500+ customer complaints per year per site leading to $120M+ in losses.

Synthetic Media Synthetic Media
Synthetic Media website
Synthetic Media

Synthetic Media is an initiative of researchers from IIT-Delhi, dedicated to fostering AI-Creativity and enabling Human-AI collaboration.; Our Virtual Humans platform empower businesses to transform digital experiences and unlock scalable human connections.

Talentrecruit SoftwareTalentrecruit Software
Talentrecruit Software website
Talentrecruit Software

TalentRecruit is the most advanced & comprehensive Recruitment & Onboarding platform powered by Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. We add tremendous value to our customers by enabling them to hire faster with quicker TAT & in making the RIGHT hire via the AI driven rating & ranking of resumes with auto-recommendation of candidate for each job offered. Furthermore, our A Robotic Recruiter ERIKA auto-engages with candidates via personalized Email & WhatsApp Engagement to constantly nurture your talent pipelines. We have over 20 Million Candidates, 1,000,000+ Jobs on our recruitment platform and are trusted by over 35,000+ recruiters worldwide.

Techforce.ai website

Techforce.ai empowers business teams to achieve faster outcomes by enabling them to rapidly automate and share knowledge work.; ; Today, over 12000 business users - from established corporations to fast growing start-ups - are using Techforce.ai's no-code citizen automation platform that has transformed the workplace. The use cases vary across industries and business functions helping companies improve sales outcomes by up to 30% and increase operational productivity by up to 70%. The solutions offered by Tecforce.ai can cover business processes of software companies and their customers.; ; ; Techforce.ai's proprietary show and tell AI technology (patent pending) combined with no-code automation templates use a learning by doing model. It captures and translates business user actions into automation steps on top of any legacy or modern business applications.; ; The solution supports both UI and API based integrations for business teams to automate manual work. The platform is built with team collaboration at it's core for users to create and share no-code automation as reusable digital skills with colleagues and customers.; ; Techforce.ai also enables product-led companies to help their end users achieve faster outcomes with embedded intelligent citizen automation SDK. It differentiates by offering embedded RPA, Conversational AI and OCR AI capabilities as-a-service in white labelled model. Currently the company is working with large system integrators like KPMG, IBM and Accenture and building industry specific solutions in the Financial Services, Healthcare and Federal market segments.; ; With its freemium to simple pay-as-you-grow pricing and product-led growth approach, Techforce.ai is rightly positioned to enable the 1.2Bn knowledge workers, who cannot code but aspire to become creators at work, deploy automation in their everyday tasks and achieve faster outcomes.

TFW Lab Inc.TFW Lab Inc.
TFW Lab Inc. website
TFW Lab Inc.

B2B SaaS delivering employee productivity solution for Office365 and Microsoft Teams users. Titan Workspace helps companies to rollout productivity apps within Office365 and SharePoint without spending any fortune on customizations. ; ; Addressable Market: Microsoft Office365 users ; ; Customer segment: Small and medium business (100 - 2000 employees) ; ; Indian customers: LUPIN Pharma, Aurobindo Pharma, Bharat Serums and Vaccines, TVS Motors, JK Cement, World Health Organization, Deepak Fertilizers, Sona Comstar, Mahindra LifeSpaces, White Oak Capital to name a few. ; ; TFW Labs Inc, is headquartered in US and has fully owned subsidiary in India that has developed Titan Workspace. ; Relationship with Microsoft's: Gold Certified Partner, Microsoft ISV, Microsoft Co-Sell Partner

ThoughtBit TechnologiesThoughtBit Technologies
ThoughtBit Technologies website
ThoughtBit Technologies

Company summary: ThoughtBit Technologies is a young technology firm with focus on enterprise software. We specialise in Regulatory Compliance and Cybersecurity.; ; Mission statement: Our mission is to provide cutting-edge data-driven solutions for businesses by nurturing ingenuity, simplifying compliance, improving cybersecurity posture and fortifying customer relationships.; ; Company history: ThoughtBit Technologies was founded in 2017 with headquarters in Chennai, India. Our first product ThoughtGST, already available in the Indian market, is a one-stop solution for all Goods & Services Tax (GST) needs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). In late 2020, we started working on our second product ThoughtAccess to simplify Identity & Access Management (IAM) in the field of cybersecurity. Multiple pilot projects are underway for ThoughtAccess, and we are primed for rapid growth in the near future.

Trachealth Technologies Trachealth Technologies
Trachealth Technologies website
Trachealth Technologies

Trachealth technologies is in the space of monitoring "Health" parameters of systems. It started in March of 2021 and is presently incubated a CPDMED IISc Bangalore. The company is run by Dr. Anish Bekal who has 15 years of industry experience with 8 patents and 20 research papers. Our mission is to enable developers with advanced modules which can enable better sensor integration in variety of sensor fusion and actuation applications. We have launched a Electronics development platform called E-LAGORi which makes development of sensor integration systems easy.

Traice Analytics Solutions Traice Analytics Solutions
Traice Analytics Solutions website
Traice Analytics Solutions

TRaiCE is a B2B SaaS FinTech leveraging AI/ML & NLP to help financiers objectively analyze the future risk of all the businesses they have taken exposure to. TRaiCE computes a 24x7 digital risk index from the digital footprint of a business such as news and social media, and a daily early warning risk index by combining financial metrics with this digital risk index.

Transcript Technology Global Infotech Transcript Technology Global Infotech
Transcript Technology Global Infotech website
Transcript Technology Global Infotech

Transcript Technology Global Infotech is a technology company catering to financial & educational institutions. The company is founded by the people with proven experience and in-depth understanding of financial & education enterprise with expertise in technology. We also believe that learning never ends hence always look forward to become knowledge partners with educators.; ; We at TTGLOBALIT developed Finance Management system (E-Sahakara) for modern Banking using cutting-edge technology to provide you easy to use and comprehensive web-based Financé administration software which helps you to bring the brand to life. From concept to shining reality, we provide everything you need. The key benefit is you can save money, save lots of time & making best of resources.

Turient TechnologiesTurient Technologies
Turient Technologies website
Turient Technologies

**History**; Established in 2021, Turient is conceived, designed, and built for educators - Anyone who wants to turn their passion for teaching into a business. ; ; **Vision** ; To become an educator's alter ego - To make an educator's everyday life easier, better and empower them to engage their students beyond the norms of a physical classroom while also becoming better at their job.; ; **Mission**; To become the #1 edtech tool in higher education and professional learning space; ; **Our Values**; Learn, Empower, Adapt and Be a Novaturient.; ; **Who We Are?**; We are a bunch of passionate teachers and techies who are hell-bent on helping fellow teachers grow their passion of teaching into a business. We are a team of practitioners who believe that anyone can teach provided they have the necessary support—the support which we believe in providing through Turient. We are teachers and techies ourselves and we have trained more than 50,000 students over the last decade and we know what it takes to scale and make a business out of teaching passion. It is with this experience that we have designed Turient to be a one-stop platform for all the training and coaching needs of an educator.

Tyto Software Tyto Software
Tyto Software website
Tyto Software

Tyto Software is software product company specializing in test automation software. Sahi Pro is its flagship product and has been in the market since 2010. With over 400 enterprise customers spread across the globe, Sahi Pro is a proven solution for automation of web, mobile, and desktop applications. Test Flow Charts, a no code, visual way of expressing and automating test cases, is their new product.

Unifytwin website

UnifyTwin is an Industry 5.0 company offering an AI driven Intelligent Industrial App Suite addressing customer needs across the Industrial life cycle. The App Suite is powered by a well differentiated Technology stack unifying Human and Machine intelligence across edge to cloud driving sustainable business outcomes.; ; UnifyTwin is recognized on the Gartner Magic Quadrant and has been proven in hundreds of industrial customers across multiple verticals such as Pharma & Chemical, Textile, Refinery & Energy, Metals & Minerals and Cement.

Uptimeai website

UptimeAI is an artificial Intelligence company that offers the world's first virtual AI assistant for plant operations. UptimeAI's "AI Expert" uniquely combines artificial intelligence with subject matter knowledge from 200+ years of cumulative experience to explain interrelations across upstream/downstream equipment, identify problems, and give prescriptive diagnosis at scale. AI Expert continuously learns while providing prescriptive actions to achieve high availability, improve efficiency, and eliminate unplanned downtime. The company's customers include several in the Fortune 100.

Urbanmatrix TechnologiesUrbanmatrix Technologies
Urbanmatrix Technologies website
Urbanmatrix Technologies

Urbanmatrix Technologies is India's finest end-to-end drone solution company. The company is proficient in designing and manufacturing industrial drone systems along with world-class proprietary software infrastructure to effortlessly control and manage drones. Urbanmatrix was founded in 2019 by three co-founders from IIT Madras, Chennai (India).; The solutions provided by UMT helps drastically reduce the costs to companies, manpower required and operational time which increases efficiency by multifold. Having worked with major players in their respective industries, UMT is well equipped to deal with their current needs and aware of changing market conditions.; UrbanMtrix Technologies is also a part of NASSCOM Deep Tech Club (DTC).

Valley Monks Valley Monks
Valley Monks website
Valley Monks

At Valley Monks is a IT & Software product company which develops the flat scalable web applications that can handle huge traffic. CustomFit.ai is the main product which is a no-code website personalization platform. ; ; Founders:; Ashwin Kumar, BITS Pilani alum, with 18+ years of industry experience ; Shoaib Mohammed, BITS Pilani alum, with 10+ years of industry experience

Ving Hybrid TechnologiesVing Hybrid Technologies
Ving Hybrid Technologies website
Ving Hybrid Technologies

Ving is founded by Aditya and Amitabh, both ex-Cisco employees and industry veterans. Ving was incorporated in 2021 to simplify collaboration in complex hybrid work scenarios.

Visionet website

Visionet is a premier technology solutions provider which has expertise with banks, mortgage lenders, private equity, wealth management firms and other diversified financial enterprises ; Visionet offers a suite of digital solutions based on analytics and RPA to our clients to optimize their enterprise functions. We also help our customers with besopke solutions fine-tuned to their unique needs that ensure that their vision of innovation is realized.; Visionet has significant customer base of over 385 clients that span across global markets

Vividminds Technologies Vividminds Technologies
Vividminds Technologies website
Vividminds Technologies

Quixy is a cloud-based user-friendly no-code application development platform that empowers business users with no coding skills to automate processes and workflows to build enterprise-grade applications, using simple drag and drop design, ten times faster compared to traditional approach consequently enhancing efficiency, transparency, and productivity of business operations. The platform includes an integrated cloud database, a visual application builder, enterprise-grade security, regulatory compliance, and scalable global infrastructure.; ; Quixy currently serves 75+ customers in 15+ industry verticals across the globe. Customers have utilized the platform to build a wide range of applications, including a container-freight-station (CFS) management system, asset and material management, manufacturing plant planning and scheduling, gate operations, procurement and logistics management, and an end-to-end HRMS system.; ; In the span of two years since its foundation, Quixy has made its mark on the industry. It has been recognized as a leader by G2 several times in its various momentum reports, and Quixy has currently rated the #1 No-code development platform as per G2 Reports. Earlier this year, Quixy was named in Gartner's Voice of Customer Report for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP) and Forrester's Now Tech Report for General-Purpose Low-Code Development Platforms. Other than these, Quixy recently won the FTCCI Excellence Award in Information Technology and bagged the "Emerging Product of the Year" and "Hottest 10 Startups in Hyderabad" awards from HYSEA.; ; Quixy has been ranked amongst the Top 100 Fastest-Growing Products across the globe for the year 2022 by G2. Quixy is also PMI's only Gold Tier Partner from India for their No-Code Citizen Development Partner Program.

Vootooop Solutions Vootooop Solutions
Vootooop Solutions website
Vootooop Solutions

Vootoop solutions is a part of LastLink inc a company based out of Portland USA. With technology and execution ; insights hosting 700+ events, your virtual/hybrid events can be amazing and hosted anywhere on a global scale. We have formulated products that fit the need of individuals. We work with clients from all over the world including US and Canadian state departments

Vouchpay Technologies Vouchpay Technologies
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Vouchpay Technologies

Vouch is a digital escrow platform that provides escrow services to everyday people through the vouch app and provides advance escrow APIs for platforms and marketplaces

Vunet SystemsVunet Systems
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Vunet Systems

Founded by a team of ex-Infosys product architects with more than 25+ years experience and with tech advisors from Splunk and VmWare, VuNet's AI led Business Journey Observability platform, provides intelligent end to end and, unified visibility of business journeys, creating a real time user-centric view of IT Operations and aligning business, operations, and DevOps faster. ; ; Monitoring more than 9 Billion transactions a month, and working with large Banks and financial institutions like ICICI, NPCI, the platform helps in reducing payment failure rates by more than 60%, provides higher visibility to improve transaction speeds apart from reducing downtime and improving the time to detect and analyze failures in real time. ; ; Being a leader and a trend setter in the area of Business Journey Observability, VuNet's product is listed in various Analysts reports, from Gartner's 2022 Market Guide for AIOPs, to Omdia, Software Reviews and HFS reports. VuNet is also part of the Microsoft Scaleup and Cisco Launchpad programs with a joint GTM on the Azure cloud.

Wecp (We Create Problems)Wecp (We Create Problems)
Wecp (We Create Problems) website
Wecp (We Create Problems)

Technical hiring is complicated and riddled with potential pitfalls for all involved. 83% of the tech talent acquisition teams fail to fill tech positions at a critical time. ; ; This includes publishing jobs, waiting for applications, skimming CVs, qualifying them, scheduling interviews, and chasing hiring managers constantly.; ; The result is sluggish hiring, broken candidate experience, high time + cost to hire, and a lot of frustration due to manual work. sometimes even leading to attrition internally. That's an expensive problem! This is where WeCP comes into play.; ; WeCP is a 4-click technical hiring software for talent acquisition departments. Our mission is to create a world where anyone and everyone can hire techies with utmost ease. ; ; Our product is a software-as-a-service that helps TA professionals in:; ; a) In 1st click, reduce candidate sourcing time by ~75%, [sourcing],; ; b) In the 2nd click, do unbiased judgment using skill tests, coding tasks & projects, [screening]; ; c) In the 3rd click, capture emotional and behavioral clues using f-2-f interviews, [interviewing]; ; d) In the 4th click, do quick onboarding and reduce the interview-to-offer time by ~8x [onboarding]; ; ; In addition, this results in two major benefits for companies:; ; a) it minimizes the manual human labor required to identify a viable candidate,; ; b) it reduces the strain on the in-house engineering teams by enabling more screening to happen without their involvement.

Whitehats Cybertech Whitehats Cybertech
Whitehats Cybertech website
Whitehats Cybertech

Whitehats is Automation Lead NextGen Data Security Automation and GRC Automation Company with focus on building highly automated cyber security solutions with scalability and flexibility for the customers. Focus is on building ready to use solutions that can help customer scale up there cyber security compliance requirements.

Xplorazzi website

Xplorazzi is a deep tech saas startup mainly focused on retail and cpg brands. We have active customers across the globe.

Yagen Robotics Yagen Robotics
Yagen Robotics website
Yagen Robotics

Yagen Robotics enlightens students and educational institutes about robotics and AI education while empowering them with 21st-century skills so that they can excel in a tech-ruled future. We nurture creativity and curiosity among the students with the help of our unique robotics courses that come with our specially designed robotic kits

Yappes Technologies Yappes Technologies
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Yappes Technologies

Yappes is focused on providing a modern API platform to solve challenges faced by digital ecosystem constituents whether enterprises looking to enhance the customer experiences or improve internal interconnectivity between various systems Or governments seeking to enhance the lives of citizens or improve business climate through e-governence. Yappes as been validated through POCs by large banks and other enterprises around the world.

Yethi Consulting Yethi Consulting
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Yethi Consulting

Yethi Consulting was established to help banks and financial institutions to carry out efficient testing of their software, ensuring greater accuracy, consistency, and efficiency. The company emerged as a top QA solution provider within the testing fraternity; however, there was more to achieve by penetrating to different sectors. Tenjin Online - the flagship test automation platform, was introduced to move beyond banking and financial services and capture different markets. It started as a testing platform for mobile applications to address the issues of frequent UI changes and longer release cycles. This was a common issue faced by testing community across the globe and an advanced QA platform was required to address this issue. Hence, Tenjin Online was developed which is uniquely designed to support the rapid application development and upgrades.

Zenys Digital SolutionsZenys Digital Solutions
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Zenys Digital Solutions

Zenys digital solutions was founded in Dec 2020 by Mohana Krishnan, Govind Raju and Anoop Radhakrishnan in Dec 2020. Based out of Thiruvananthapuram, the company develops process management solutions for Micro and Small Businesses. ; ; Zenys was the winner of Kerala Startup Mission's Innovation grant and is currently incubated at KSUM. The company is bootstrapped and currently in early revenue generation stage.

Zipydo TechnologiesZipydo Technologies
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Zipydo Technologies

Zipydo is building unmanned, checkout-free convenience store for D2C brands, retail brands and restaurants. Customers can deploy these stores in offices, apartments and secured public places for rapid offline foot print expansion and last mile visibility, while getting valuable data insights

Ziyana SoftwareZiyana Software
Ziyana Software website
Ziyana Software

At Ziyana Software , we're passionate about building new innovative products that will disrupt the industry. We've provided a high quality service to all of our clients and as we grow, our commitment to your needs remains the key driving force behind our Information Technology Startup Company. Our team of professionals is here to inspire you with their unique ideas and abilities - get in touch today to learn more.